Vaccination contain Microchips – No Tin Foil Hat

Government has become way too intrusive. It started with mandatory seat belts. When they were successful leading the sheep with something that was for ‘the safety of the people’ it opened the door for everything else they can mandate as for ‘peoples safety’ In reality it’s for control of the people. Once they got their foot in the door the rest gets easier and easier. Yes I am aware that it will be pretty easy for vaccinations to contain microchips. No aluminum foil hat. I’ve been trying to warn people and you get branded a whacko conspiracy nut. Well look around. How many things can you do today without getting permission, in the form of licenses, from the government. The government is involved in every aspect of everyones’ lives. The day is near when we’ll be required to eat what the government tells us to and wear clothes that the law allows us to wear. Remind you of Communist China ? Get ready for complete control cause that’s what their plan is and they haven’t got far to go to have complete control over all of us.


One Response to “Vaccination contain Microchips – No Tin Foil Hat”

  1. wander-rant Says:

    Not only are we being chipped, but we’re being chipped by foreign/alien governments! Our vaccines are largely developed abroad and we are now robotocized by competing international interests! And how about those black boxes in all our cars and those satellites flying around up there? Forget it-genie is already out of the bottle.

    Someone needs to develop counteractive products and solutions – what have you got in mind?

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