One or The Other

One says this country’s downright mean
The Other says it’s the best he has seen
One wants to take your hard earned dough
The Other wants to keep your taxes low

One wants to play nice with our enemies
The Other spent 5 years with the Vietnamese
One has very sleazy hackers
The Other has no Commie backers

One lived a secret life, no one can look
The Others’ life is an open book
One says you can’t drill for fuel
The Other says start drilling fool

One lifes works adds up to zero
The Other is an American hero
One has friends in all the wrong places
The Others friends are ex Navy ‘Aces’

So when you go to cast your vote
I hope you take the time to note
That One is out to destroy
The freedoms which we all enjoy

The Other one will help preserve
The freedoms which we all deserve
In case you’re having a bit of doubt
What this poem is all about

I’ll take this time and I’ll explain
One is Obama The Other McCain

original poem by armageddonoutahere


3 Responses to “One or The Other”

  1. wander-rant Says:

    THAT is ONE of the MOST EXCELLENT (and accurate) political poems ever authored!

    SomeONE needs to post THAT on the candidates (and a few reporters and talking heads) blog sites (and then submit it as a readers editorial to newspapers)…

  2. armageddonoutahere Says:

    Hello wander-rant
    thank you for the nice comments. You’re the one who suggested a poem
    comparing Obama and McCain so that ones for you. Thanks for the idea.


  3. Tom Says:

    WOW does that really say it all!! Please send that poem to Rush, Hannity and Fox. It really says it all in one simple rhyme.

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