The Puppeteers

Who is causing all our woe
What their names are, very few know
The shadow government does its job
Keeping down the working slob

Our unprotected open border
Is all part of the New World Order
They hand pick all the candidates
And that includes their running mates

Naive voters think they choose
They don’t know it’s all a ruse
Elites would trash our sovereignty
For their One World travesty

They’ll be successful speedier
Because they own the media
It’s near too late to stop their plan
We have to do all we can

To educate the unaware
To let them know and make them care
Spreading the word is one solution
To stop them from trashing the Constitution

Rockefeller and Kissinger run the show
That’s a fact you all should know
These One Worlders and their crew
Want complete control of you

Nothing that happens, happens by chance
It’s all been planned well in advance
Each financial crisis lines their pockets more
As did the Korean and Vietnam war

Wake up Americans and take heed
An informed public is what we need
This secret group runs the government
They’re the puppeteers of each president

Much of  congress and senate seats
Hold members of this club of elites
If you think this post’s not legit
Below is the proof ..Click on it

original poem by armageddonoutahere


2 Responses to “The Puppeteers”

  1. wander-rant Says:

    You know, when you review that list of CFR members you’re tempted to think “conspiracy”. Did you notice that all the banks on that list are still quite solvent during our current financials crisis-and even getting some real good deals as they buy out their competition? Did you also notice that Greenspan-who is taking a big hit on this crisis, is also a member? Did you also notice that most of the members are democrats or their supporters?

    If one were inclined, you might be thinking that this whole mess was orchestrated for political and personal gains. More than scary, hmmm????

    So, who’s got more CFR links- Obie or Mac?

    Book of Revelations, I hear the hooves of those four horsemans’ mounts ever nearer….

  2. armageddonoutahere Says:

    While both McCain and Obama are members of the CFR, I’ll put my
    trust in McCain.( As usual we’re voting the lesser of two evils) McCain
    has served and loves this country while we all know what the Obamas
    think of the U.S. Also, if the Vice President should have to replace the
    President, I’ll be perfectly happy having Palin take over the presidency.
    I’m filled with fear just at the thought of an Obama or Biden president.

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