What Does It All Mean ?

The financial crash means the Federal Government owns
the mortgages on the average persons home. Another
interesting fact is the United States government has direct
ownership of almost 650 million acres of Americas.land or
(2.63 million square kilometers) – nearly 30% of its total
territory, Nevada 84.5% , Alaska 69.1%, Utah 57.4%,
Oregon 53.1%, Idaho 50.2%, Arizona 48.1%, California 45.3%,
Wyoming 42.3%, New Mexico 41.8%, Colorado 36.6%
The government may also wind up with the control of the U.S.
major banks. Looks like Big Daddy Government will have a lot
to say about where you live and if you have a home to live in.
And isn’t it ironic that it’s your taxes that make all these things
possible ?


8 Responses to “What Does It All Mean ?”

  1. Patriot Says:

    I suppose this crisis is the fault of the Democrats? In the meantime the Repulicans have had control of the Presidency, the House or Senate since 1981. Hmmm I wonder how the neo-cons will get out of this??

  2. armageddonoutahere Says:

    Well Patriot you finally got it right. Yes this crisis is solely the fault of the
    Democrazies. Look to Sen. Dodd, Barney Frank and Jamie Gorelick if you
    want to know who caused it and don’t forget Pres. Clinton who initiated the whole scam. Sorry Patriot, I don’t have the time to educateyou. You really need an intervention to get rid of all that brain washing you’ve received from the liberal dumbed down crowd. For all I know you may be beyond help. Sad, very sad.

  3. wander-rant Says:

    Well- if you didn’t buy into it before this mess, you must be a firm believer now- is this financial crisis NOT the best example of TRICKLE DOWN ECONOMICS, ever?

    As goes Wall Street, so goes Main Street.

    What Average Joe or Community Organizer would have ever thought that the teetering demise of the involved blue chip corporations would affect them?

    Sometimes, the best lessons learned are the hardest ones to weather.

  4. jackenstein Says:

    Any solution will be on the backs of honest hard working Americans, as usual. Ironically, some of this bailout money will be funded by the same people these very companies served foreclosures on. And I doubt it fixes anything in the long term. Just another temporary panacea, but one which gives the government even more power. It really looks like the USA is nearing the end of it’s freedom ride. Hope I’m around long enough to tell stories of this once great nation to my great grandchildren. And I hope whatever type of government is in place by then will allow me to speak of it, although from the looks of things…

  5. armageddonoutahere Says:

    You’re absolutely right wander-rant and Jackenstein. The bailout deal the democreeps are trying to push through, contains a large percentage for ACORN with the working man paying for it.The Republicans are fighting to
    get ACORN removed from the deal. They don’t want money going to that
    bunch of anti American free loaders.

  6. wander-rant Says:

    There is something terrifying about a communist coming into power in the US just when we have turned over so much authority in our financial and banking markets to the government, while still being such easy targets for Islamic terrorists.

    Has anyone really thought through (as in actually extrapolated) the havoc BO’s domestic and foreign policies can have on retaining ownership of your property (all investments) and any semblence of sovereignty?

    While he is redistributing our “wealth” domestically, he will also be redistributing our wealth and liberties abroad-thanks to globalization.

    Our participation in the one world economy struggled to maintain our freedoms and our property under capitalism- now what???

    AGOH had better prepare a “strawman” for this blog on what a communist president will do with such an unprecedented concentration of power and wealth in such troubled times. Someone had better lay it out for the “sheep” out there and make them stop to look at the “carwreck” before they cast their votes.

  7. wander-rant Says:

    Hey- I wonder is the next President can/will change the law to remove term limit restrictions and keep himself in office indefinitely, just like Bloomberg is proposing and Chavez, Putin and all the rest of Obey’s friends have done?

  8. armageddonoutahere Says:

    wander-rant All it would take is an Executive Order, a stroke of the
    Presidential pen. Clinton had a party using Executive Orders. Check
    it out sometime.He signed 364 Executive Orders.

    Disposition of Executive orders signed by President William J. Clinton:

    # 2001 – E.O. 13186 – E.O. 13197 (12 Executive orders issued)
    # 2000 – E.O. 13145 – E.O. 13185 (41 Executive orders issued)
    # 1999 – E.O. 13110 – E.O. 13144 (35 Executive orders issued)
    # 1998 – E.O. 13072 – E.O. 13109 (38 Executive orders issued)
    # 1997 – E.O. 13034 – E.O. 13071 (38 Executive orders issued)
    # 1996 – E.O. 12985 – E.O. 13033 (49 Executive orders issued)
    # 1995 – E.O. 12945 – E.O. 12984 (40 Executive orders issued)
    # 1994 – E.O. 12891 – E.O. 12944 (54 Executive orders issued)
    # 1993 – E.O. 12834 – E.O. 12890 (57 Executive orders issued)

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