Obama and Odinga

Obama and his paternal 1st cousin Odinga, wanted to bring the whole of Kenya under Sharia law. Obama campaigned for Odinga in August of 2006,just before he filed with the US Federal Elections Commission for his presidential candidacy.

The idea was simply to have the Luo tribe, mostly Muslims, to take over Kenya from the inheritors of colonial power, the Kikuyu, and bring the country under Sharia law, kick out the Western investors in the nation that had made it one of the most stable nations in Africa, and supplant those Western investors with wealthy Arab oil money.It all failed.Then Odinga yelled election fraud, and put his Luo Islamofascists into the streets of Nairobi to “protest” by murdering, raping and maiming Kikuyu people, including the recent burning alive of a church full of Christians.

If Obama and Odinga had succeeded, the next step in the plan would be for president Obama to help Odinga consolidate his power over Kenya by international recognition and trade. That will NOT happen. Obama wanted to expand Islamofascism, and annex Kenya to Somalia and the Sudan in an Islamofascist axis.

This puts both Obama and Odinga right up there in a pantheon with Idi Amin.Obama hates America, and the basis for America’s wealth. His actions show this.

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8 Responses to “Obama and Odinga”

  1. Tom Says:

    You have to ask yourself…How did this guy come out of nowhere to be in the position he is now in? He has never been vetted and the American people are actually giving him credibility. It is sickening. He is an out and out socialist. His history is not being being investigated or told because the press is in the bag too.

  2. armageddonoutahere Says:

    The media is making Barak Obama. They’re as guilty as the democraps
    who idolize this socialist and his contempt for America. He didn’t come
    out of nowhere. He was admitted to Harvard after Khalid Al Monsour
    donated millions to Harvard at the urgings of Percy Sutton. Obama
    was hand picked by his commie friends and backers to be right where
    he is today. The picture will be completed when Obama is President.

  3. wander-rant Says:

    Here’s a frightening thought: our stock market is being yanked around by hedge fund traders in Dubai and other points “mideast” of there.

    How’s that for an orchestrated terrorist attack – maybe this was the foretold October Surprise.

    And, maybe, so is the orchestrated and stolen election of Obie.

  4. armageddonoutahere Says:

    wander-rant, I’m having a lot of second thoughts of what is going
    on. After McCains endorsement of Obama at his town hall meeting
    yesterday, I’m totally disgusted. It has me wondering if McCain is
    just a ‘patsy’ like Dole was. The people leaving that town hall speech
    were as mad and confused as I am. Is McCain in there to make
    voters think they have a choice ?

  5. wander-rant Says:

    Need a whole new breed of Republican. The current Administration and the former Republican Congress and Senate were all RINO’s and now we’re left with the biggest RINO of all as the party’s Presidential candidate. No wonder we’re starting to cannibalize ourselves, and if we don’t finally do it once and for all we’ll never get the turnover to the true philosophical candidates that the party is suppossed to be producing. The party has both welcomed and been infiltrated by fakes, this is the outcome. If you want to invade any institution or government, it’s easier to do so from within. This appears to be going on with socializing (with the G-7 members, no less) our formerly free financial market (aka Capitalism), our two-party system and finally will happen to our government on January 20 when Obama assumes office.

    The “fat lady” is warming up…America is about to be Europeanized. Isn’t this all part of the bigger One/New World Order, anyway? Isn’t this all part of the CFR plan?

  6. armageddonoutahere Says:

    wander-rant Finally at last there’s someone else who knows what’s going
    on. You have it all right in that comment. McCain is this elections shill. He
    wasn’t nominated to win. He’s there to make it look like we have a voice
    in the election of who will lead this country. He’s running his campaign
    the same way Dole ran his and papa Bush ran his 2nd term election.
    Bush must have made a deal with the CFR to lose that 2nd term so “W”
    would be able to take over after Clintons 8 years. A lot has been accomplished now. Government owns the major banks and mortgages
    on peoples homes. When they bail out AIG, they’ll own peoples insurance and retirement policies. After this election, they’ll own everyones health care. They’re even deciding now how to change peoples 401K accounts.
    If people don’t see what’s happening, they’re too dumb or they’re blind.

    Lincoln warned us that if this country was ever taken over, it would come
    from within. Well it is happening from within but it seems no one is

  7. Tom Says:

    Every single President since FDR has been slowly enacting the programs that have given the CFR and Trilateral Commission the power they need to achieve the One World Order government they have been seeking. Yes even our beloved Reagan! The govt will also control the auto makers and the energy industry. There is no end to their power grab. The Islamofascist maybe our only saving grace. Because they will never fall in line with the New World Order. Maybe we should be helping them, for now, instead of killing them. Afterwards we can deal with them.

  8. armageddonoutahere Says:

    Tom, it sounds like we don’t actually know who the enemy really is. I think
    we’re caught in the middle of 2 enemies, both out to destroy freedom and our way of life and both wanting to destroy what’s left of our Constitution.
    Both Democrats and Republicans are puppets of the New World Order elite.
    Now what can we do about that ? I’d like to throw them all out but that’s
    not about to happen. The media, both electronic and press, are owned by
    the trilateralists and the CFR so the truth never reaches the uninformed.
    Our last vestige is the internet so here we are exposing everything but who
    actually reads it and pays attention. The average person is too busy just
    trying to exist, to be able to get involved. Not a pretty picture is it ?

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