Who’s Behind The Curtain ?

Paulson has indicated the administration will use part of
the recent $700 billion bailout Bush signed Oct. 3 to have
the government take ownership stakes in banks.

James A. Baker III agrees as does Robert Rubin former treasury
secretary presently an Obama advisor and Lawrence Summers
also a former treasury secretary.

Sen. Chuck Schumer also is in favor of this take over as is
Sen.Barney Frank and of course President Bush.

Now the fact that every person named in this blog are members
of the CFR (Council on Foreign Relations) is just a coincidence.
Yes, just a coincidence.

Don’t worry that America will cease being a sovereign nation or a
capitalist country. It will be just another socialist country in the
New World Orders’ scheme, ruled by the Elites.
Thats just a coincidence too.

But who’s behind the curtain causing all these coincidences ?


2 Responses to “Who’s Behind The Curtain ?”

  1. Tom Says:

    My, my, my the USA has been ruled by the elites for as long as I can remember. No ordinary people have ruled our country for almost 100 years. The “Elite” have been in power and usurping our freedoms throughout the past 100 years. Whether we call it Trilateral, CFR or whatever name we have come up with. We The People always lose our freedom, blood, sweat and tears. The “elites” make the rules so we cant beat them.

  2. armageddonoutahere Says:

    Tom, you’re probably right about the 100 or more years the elites have
    been ruling us but it was never as evident as it is now. There are not
    many freedoms left for them to take away. I remember having the
    freedom to speak my mind without having to worry about the ‘thought police’. I also remember having the right to privacy, the right of assembly, the right to bear arms, the right to raise my children without government interference, the right of passage, the right of a child to
    wear a shirt with the word “GOD” on it and not be sent home from school because it’s not politically correct.

    Maybe it’s time to stop the elites or at least try to. 100 years ago,they
    were in the shadows and we weren’t here. Now they’re right out in the open, right in our faces. We know who they are and what they’re doing.
    It may be too late to reverse their plans but we should at least try.

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