Brainwashing The Children

Brainwashing The Children

New Hampshire: Obama Rally on October 17th
10 Londonderry Middle School students attending the rally
as a special field trip,
The National Anthem was scratched from the program to
make room for another speaker.

MADISON, Wis. — The Racine school district’s use of an
eighth grade textbook that includes a chapter on Democrat
Barack Obama but nothing on his opponent John McCain is
unfair and troubling, the Wisconsin Republican Party argued
Thursday. The textbook includes a 15 page chapter on
Obama called ‘‘Dreams from My Father”

(Which should be called “Nightmares For America”)


11 Responses to “Brainwashing The Children”

  1. Patriot Says:

    Why are you so afraid of children reading about a great American story? President Obama came from nothing to being elected to the highest office in our country. Isn’t that the American Dream? Yes I am saying the election is over!!! So get used to President Barack H. Obama. You will be happy when you get your tax cut and your health care.

  2. allahisgreat Says:

    I must first begin with praise Allahu Akhbar. The allmighty Allah has fortold the downfall of the infidel Amerika. Barack Hussein Obama is a child of Islam and will do the bidding of Allah as is his duty. The Sharia states that to leave Islam is a sentence of death. The Sharia further states that infidels cannot experience the joys of Isalm as promised by the Prophet Muhammed. The Mujahedeen are placed throughout Amerika and will rise up in unison when the Lion of Islam is seated in the seat of power. Allah is great and will see that his will is done. Allahu Akhbar.

  3. armageddonoutahere Says:

    Patriot, Because the book left out the fact that Barak Obama is an America hating, Communist.

  4. armageddonoutahere Says:

    I will start this comment with “I worship God Almighty who
    does not seek the death of innocent people”
    I can reject my Religion without the fear of reprisal and death
    from cowards who claim they are killing in the name of their god.
    Can you ?

  5. CountDown Says:

    Hey AIG (AllahIsGreat)- You worship a pedophile and murderer. Do you really think YOU can convert anybody to your cult?

    And, why would an Islamist be visiting a clearly Christian site with Book of Revelation (as in HOLY BIBLE) reference to Armageddon in it’s name? Isn’t that considered heresy for you devout and peaceloving Muslims?

    Just another hypocritical Muslim fraud- just like all of your dead (and most of your living) brothers. Can’t reference your women, the rest of us suspect that you put your camels into those burkahs to hide the truth about your mothers.

    Next one-way tickets that you and your friends buy will be straight to hell-where your leader has been for the past 14 centuries.

  6. allahisgreat Says:

    Allahu Akhbar. For this reason is why we behead and slaughter the infidels. They are dumb as goat. I come to this site to enlighten infidels and to hope to save your souls for the promise of the great Prophet Mohammed. Islam is a religion of peace to those who wish to have peace. Amerika has meddled in our affairs for over 50 years. We have been slaughtering infidels since and will continue until Allah brings to to your knees. We willnot hav too sen armies to defeat Amerika. Our plan is working very well. When the Lion of Islam has attained his seat of powermerika will be ours. You will fal to your knees before Allah or you will lose your life. Allahu Akhbar!! Allahu Akhbar!!!

  7. Patriot Says:

    Hey AIG you should not get confused. AMERICANS may be divided politically but when prodded we are AMERICANS. You should have learned that from how fast we demolished two Islamic governments. That being Afghanistan and Iraq. The other thing you should know is that AMERICA will never bow down to and religious sect much less Islam. You should go and check up on AMERICAN history….you may learn what I say above is fact. Last but not least you should not insinuate that Obama is “The Lion” because I think you will be very disappointed. Obama may be hated by almost half of AMERICA, but know one thing for sure he will defend AMERICA. Just as past Presidents have done. We Unite as one in times of trouble.

  8. Tom Says:

    Allahisgreat. What happened did your wife take off that burka and you now see you married a goat!! Go haunt people that fear you. Americans don’t fear Islam. We defeated Nazism, Communism and The Japanese Empire. That was just the last century. You too will be defeated. You will soon be crawling back into the very same cave that your hero, Osama Bin Laden, has been hiding in since 9-11-01.

  9. CountDown Says:

    Uh- yeah, right.

    Put that goat in a burkah…and you’ve got your next wife.

    We are not sheep, which you are used to herding into your slaughter houses (and your bedrooms). When your lion finally does sit down, he will quickly be dethroned by an elephant – the true king of the jungle (actually Queen since it is the FEMALE elephant that rules your continent).

    Keep taunting the Judeo-Christians on this site with your rhetoric and there will be no virgins for you (ever watch Seinfeld…never mind).

    By the way- have you noticed how Iraq is joining the 21st century and getting some of those new-fangled inventions like indoor plumbing, electricity, schools, democracy?? That little gem sitting there in the middle of your slum will cast it’s “shining city on a hill” light all throughout the surrounding antiquated Muslim countries which will spread democracy and freedom faster than you can behead an innocent unarmed civilian or even faster than you can honor-kill one of your sisters.

    Hang on to your camel, Muhammad (took a wild guess that might be at least one of your names), you’re in for a wild American ride.

    PS. Do stop blowing up your poor little timid donkeys over there; what will your next generation of boys marry??

  10. allahisgreat Says:

    Allahu Akhbar!!! The infidels are filled with jealousy and hate. Our woman wear burka due to beauty. Islamic woman is not a fake painted whore! Woman of Islam are not changed with surgery like western woman our woman have true beauty. Amerikans looked like sheep be herded to slaughter on the battlefield in my land and on 911. Islam has been defending Islam by killing infidels since The Great Prophey Muhammed lead his armies against the infidel. Muslims are not afraid of Amerika. You dont have the will of Muslims. We fight to death. Amerikans are afraid to die for your beliefs. Muslims seek death to honor Allah. Keep on using insult and lies you still can not defeat Islam. Be prepared to bow down to Allah or be killed. Amerika has no choice. The Lion of Islam will be seated in power soon. Then Islams plans will be complete.

  11. janelinda Says:

    The foundation of our nation is the home. Obama does not believe in absolutes, he also assaults the Bible and places himself above the apostle Paul.
    God forbid this man is elected. Brainwashing the children is what it is. My tiny granddaughter can walk into a bakery and see two men or two women on top of a wedding cake and made to think this is normal. Evil is showed to her as good and as God. Yes Obama will help destroy the home. Obama’s sick worldview will turn this nation into a house of horrors.

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