“They Must be Stopped”

Interview with Brigitte Gabriel
October 9, 1:59 PM
by Katie Favazza

Brigitte Gabriel, author of the bestseller, “They Must be Stopped,” and founder of ACT! For America, was gracious enough to take some time to talk to me about her book, which was published just last month.

Favazza: Your book outlines some of the ways in which the Muslim Brotherhood plans to establish an Islamic government in North America and implement Sharia law. In their efforts to implement this plan, what has been the most damaging effect thus far–and what is the single most dangerous effect to come?

Gabriel: One of the most damaging effects of the implementation of the Muslim Brotherhood project is the slow islamization of the west in the name of multi-culturalism, tolerance, and diversity. The Muslim Brotherhood has crafted a master piece of a plan to infiltrate and dominate the West and “establish an Islamic government on earth.” The plan was written in 1982 and since then we can see how far they have advanced just by looking at Europe and how the continent has morphed in the last 30 years from Europe into becoming Eurabia.

The Muslim Brotherhood project is unusual because it includes methods other than violence to implement cultural Jihad. This plan relies on the non-Muslim population to unsuspectingly endorse and embrace it in the name of multiculturalism and freedom of religion.

Just two weeks ago Sharia law became officially recognized Islamic court governing Islamic affairs in England parallel to British courts. The Muslims were able to do that without even having to go to war with Britain.

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7 Responses to ““They Must be Stopped””

  1. allahisgreat Says:

    Allahu Akhbar! The Great Prophet Muhammed fortold that Islam become the religion of the world. Sharia will be law of land and all who know will bow down to Allah. Nothing can be done to stop Islam. We have infiltrated your governments and will have no need to fire a bullet or missile to achieve our goals. Infidels will bow down to Allah or bow down to be beheaded. Amerika has been spoiled by your power and freedom. Your wealth and power cannot stop Islam from the march forward. Read the Koran, bow down to Allah for your time is coming fast. When The Lion of Islam takes his seat of power Islam will be your fate and Sharia will be the law of the land. Allahu Akhbar!!

  2. allahisgreat Says:

    Allahu Akhbar!! There is no other God but Allah, praise Allah. The Qu’ran is the book of knowledge to teach all the light of Islam. Prepare yourselves to praise Allah. Allahu Akhbar!!

  3. armageddonoutahere Says:

    Hey AkAK You sound like a broken record. Go find yourself a goat
    and leave everyone alone. Your women are ugly. That’s why you
    make them cover their faces and why you prefer goats.

    Go get your prayer rug and dream your dream of killing innocent people.

  4. wander-rant Says:

    The whole issue with Muslims revolves around their fear, and thus hatred of women. Their whole gutter religion revolves around principles of sexist oppression. This is also why they have such a fear, and thus hatred, for the west – where the women are smart, beautiful, strong and equal to the men.

    How sad that all these frightened, weak, homely little men could not find a courageous way to partner with their women, as is done in the natural world, and therefore gain all the benefits of the additional intellect, generosity, beauty and gifts that women bring to all cultures and societies in which they are full participants.

    This is why the Islamists still live in 3rd century conditions, still have 3rd century famine and disease and with the exception of oil-rich countries (that are wealthy thanks only to the wests advances), still have 3rd century economies.

    Mohammad’s God is not great; Mohammad’s God is just another misogynist. Too bad the mideastern men were so gullible and fearful of women that they sheepishly followed and accepted Mohammad’s sexist garbage philosophy. This mass sexist cult indoctrination is what has denied the mideast from participating in the rest of the world’s great advances. The democratic Judeo-Christian nations of the world are the moral, military, cultural and economic leaders of the world; while the Islamic, theocratic, socialist and communist nations of the world are the physically and emotionally starving despotic garbage pits of the world.

    The irrefutable evidence speaks for itself – GOD has Spoken.

  5. armageddonoutahere Says:

    wander-rant, you’ve summed it up very nicely. That pretty much says it all. The only thing I will add is if they could conquer their jealousy of the democratic nations, they might have a chance to catch up to those of
    us who live in civilized nations. Maybe then they would stop getting pleasure from killing innocent people. What kind of god promotes strapping bombs on children so they can kill and be killed?

  6. allahisgreat Says:

    Allahu Akhbar! Praise Allah and The Great Prophet Mohammed. Seem like Amerikan infidels only know insult and lie. Amerikan that we slaughter are no innocent they are infidels and the Qu’ran states they honor Islam or be lower than Muslim. Muslims did not come to your region. Infidels came to middle east. They steal our treasure, our land and rape our women for centuries. Now Muslims have come to Amerika to exact revenge in the name of The Almighty Allah. The irony of calling Muslims live in 3rd century. Muslims pray, honor Allah and honor our women. The woman of Islam do not have fake beauty of the west. Our woman does not paint her face like whore. Does not have doctor alter face or body. The woman of Islam is treated like Queen in her home. Sharia law calls for death for infidelity. This is the law of Allah. Muslim countries have 21st century luxury that is in agreement with The Holy Qu’ran and Sharia law. Western cultures are riddled with disease (AIDS), broken marriage, theft, homosexuality, corruption and rape. Do not worry…The Lion of Islam will soon be seated in power and Islam will spread throughout Amerika. Sharia law will beocme law of land and peace tranquility will come too Amerika. The diseases that plague Amerika will be removed according to Sharia law. Women will become wife, mother and homemaker once again. Those that disagree will be dealt with according to Sharia law. Allahu Akhbar!! There is no other God but Allah, Praise Allah.

  7. amyD Says:

    Hey Alahisgreat…if you hate America so much why are you here? GO HOME TO YOUR GREAT LAND AND STAY THERE! America is for the land of the free and home of the brave…which terrorists are not. They exact revenge by terrorizing people instead of standing up and fighting like real men. Who would know if your women paint their faces or alter their bodies…they’re kept covered up like you are ashamed of them. There is only one God….!!! Disease and famine are everywhere in the world, not just isolated to America. Sharia law??? What is that??? We don’t go by Sharia law in America and we don’t go by the Holy Qu’ran. Take your Sharia law and Qu’ran and GO HOME!!

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