Obama: The Onion

Time To Repeat This:

Obama: The Onion

Just for fun let us imagine Obama is an onion

We peel away one of his layers
And what do we find William Ayers
Layer two reveals ‘The Man’
Screwy Louie Farrakhan

Now we’re up to layer three
Avowed commie Zbigniew Brzezinski
Peel away layer number four
To find Donald Warden AKA Khalid Al Monsour

As we peel close to the center
We find Frank Marshall Davis Obamas mentor
This onion is quite a sight
The next layer is the Reverend Wright

Though the onion looks pretty worn
It reveals terrorist Bernadette Dohrn
And just one more layer before I go
That wheeler dealer Tony Rezko

Peel away the layers and what have you got
A guy who says what he is, he is not
So all I really have to say
This onion is rotten…. Throw it away

original poem by armageddonoutahere


5 Responses to “Obama: The Onion”

  1. Ted Says:

    OK, we now have the info on the Barack Obama birth certificate mystery. At first I dismissed this story as ludicrous, but actually it is now the only one which makes sense and does bring together all the pieces of the Barack puzzle. To sum it up, Barack Obama was NOT born in Kenya, he WAS born in Hawaii after all (thus he is a qualifying natural born citizen) BUT, the Kenyan Barack Obama Senior was not his real dad; his real dad was his mentor, his grandparents’ family friend and early civil rights leader, Frank Marshall Davis who had an affair with Barack’s “kind of swinging” mother. (Barack’s infirmed garndmother is the last living person who possesses this ‘secret’). Don’t dismiss what I’m saying. Read below (and think about how it all makes sense). Ths Hawaiian Birth Certificate WAS ‘doctored up’ but not because Obama was born in Kenya but because the dad listed was not his real dad. It was done by agreement among Barack’s mother, then swinger-Frank Marshall Davis who was already married to a white woman and had a child, and Barack Obama Senior (which explains why he had no problem leaving Barack who barely saw him after that).

  2. SpeciousRiches Says:

    I don’t know why people are so fixated on this. I guess it’s an attraction to conspiracy theories. Meanwhile, Rome is burning… Why aren’t we focused on what these guys are going to do about the economy?


  3. armageddonoutahere Says:

    SpeciousRiches No it’s not just an ‘attraction to conspiracy’ It’s a warning to prospective voters to make them aware of what Obama is all about. That will help them to know what an Obama presidency will do to the economy, along with the safety of the country and the people in it.

    I think it’s important that all know this candidate is a dyed in the wool communist. Then they’ll know what to expect if they vote for him.

  4. huxbux Says:

    Posing a scenario that is possible is the rub of all conspiracy theories. Any scenario is possible, but following the rational evidence leads to the more probable, likely scenario. Obama has in fact produced a valid birth certificate and it has been examined hands on by numerous third party individuals who have concluded it’s authenticity.

    The original questions concerning the initial scanned copy have been put to rest through the examination of the hands-on document. Then again, I suppose it’s possible Obama and multiple government agencies are perpetrating one of the greatest conspiracies in American Presidential history. Anything’s possible, right?

  5. Patriot Says:

    What a bunch of garbage. If President Barack Hussein Obama were white we would not be questioning his nation of birth. This is racism at its best. How naive can the entire lot of neo-cons be? The audacity of your kind to question th birth place of a candidate that has been vetted. Are you that dumb to think that a Bush controlled FBI would allow this too happen? Do you think that a viscious, competitive and vengeful Hillary Clinton would allow this too happen? Or a vindictive Fox news to et this slip by? This blog seemed to have some thought behind the post up too this point. This stuff is lunacy. Why can’t the neo-cons stick to the issues that face this nation. Are they that bereft of any solutions that face our nation that they must resort to this lunatic, conspiracy theory crap????

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