What Obama Says He’d Do First

“Well, the first thing I’d do as President is sign the Freedom
of Choice Act. That’s the first thing that I’d do.”
– Barack Obama

Overturn partial birth abortion bans, scrap parental notification laws, eliminate bans on taxpayer funded abortions.
That’s what the Freedom of Choice Act does.

Quite simply it is the most radical pro-abortion law ever concocted.
And liberal Democrat Senators can’t wait to vote for this reckless law.

Right now, far left liberals are pouring millions into Senate races to
hand Barack Obama an unstoppable liberal super majority to rubber
stamp his far-left agenda. If they achieve their goal, it will be impossible
for conservatives to stop them.

The stakes in this election extend well beyond radical pro-abortion laws:

* Crushing new taxes on families and small businesses
* Staggering new government spending
* Outrageous paybacks to Big Labor bosses
* Liberal censorship of talk radio

Are you ready for These changes ?


9 Responses to “What Obama Says He’d Do First”

  1. Patriot Says:

    President Barack Hussein Obama will not hinder a womans right to do what she please with her body. He will take from the rich and help the poor to move up. The poor do all the living and dying why shouldn’t they have a chance to get out of poverty? Social Security and Medicare will be saved. All Americans will have health care. We will achieve energy independence within his 8 yrs in office and millions of REAL jobs will be created. Millions of illegal aliens will become legal aliens. Our respect will be restored in the world. He will end two wars one of which was unjust. I would say that will go down as the most successful Presidency in the history of the USA.

  2. Disgusted Says:

    To the clueless moron who calls himself “Patriot”:
    Robin Hood Obama wants to increase the taxes on the people who already pay the most tax in this country. Only to use the money as handouts for the people who often pay no taxes. It’s called socialism. Wealthy people work hard and even die! Social Security is flawed, and electing Obama isn’t going to magically fix it. Besides, he wants to cut taxes on the poor, but provide more entitlements. Where is all of this money going to come from?
    All Americans will have healthcare? Have you ever been to a country where they have a national health care plan? None of them are anywhere near as good as what we have.
    Giving someone all they need and want is not going to make them work for it. It won’t teach them to appreciate it…it will teach them to abuse it. Just as people abuse welfare, food stamps, and so on. We’ll have a country where the few hard workers are supporting the lazy people who want a free ride.
    And that is if Obama even does what he says. He has a history of voting one way and campaigning another. I don’t even think he can keep up wth his stories any more. Luckily the liberal media isn’t calling him on it. They’re too busy trying to bash the candidates they disagree with to actually report news.

  3. Disgusted Says:

    P.S. He’s not President yet. Odds are he isn’t even in the lead. If there is one thing CNN has proved is that their polls are completely baseless. If you ask the right questions to the right people you can make a poll say whatever you want. They did it when Kerry lost and they did it when Gore lost.

  4. craigc Says:

    Patriot, you must be one of those that have or is on welfare and want it to continue. All I can say to you is sir/ma’am, I appreciate what I have and want to continue to appreciate everything I have. I thank God everyday for what I have, I do not want the government telling me who I have to give my money too. Healthcare will be available under John McCain. So you think Nobama can fix everything. Well not even John McCain can fix everything or even come close. It is the veiws that matter in this election, not the color of ones skin, not the one who is younger or older, but the one that can do the best job in keeping the great country of the USA safiest. To me that is Sen. John McCain. Go ahead and vote for Nobama, but remember he is inexperienced and has no military experience, he says he wants to raise taxes for those that make $250,000 or more, in reality he wants to raise everyones taxes. John McCain doesn’t want to raise anyones taxes especially during this economic crisis. He will protect Social Security. What will Sen. Obama do? Raise your taxes and if you are working, he will take your money and “spread the wealth” etc etc. Social Security under Sen Obama’s plan will fail. I speak for many Americans when I say this, WE would like to have that “benefit” when we retire, but it looks as if WE will not have it if Barack is elected. Remember this also, ACORN, the Hollywood elite and the list goes on…. cheaters never win!

  5. SpeciousRiches Says:

    Link for your quote? Primary source, not some other right-winger’s blog.

  6. True Patriot Says:

    I don’t have any more wealth to spread!
    If any of you want to experience Socialism first hand there are a number of countries you can re-locate to in the world. Let me know how it goes !
    We are living in dangerous times. We have a corrupt press covering for dishonest politicians who happen to suit their personal agendas. Nobama would be a great televangelist ! He could fleece his own personal flockof fanatical followers. As for myself I don’t want to be a part of his flock. His campaign thus far has been run on lies and racial divides. This man is not qualified socially, physchologically, militarily, or in any other way to be President of the United States. Period !
    Where are the questions about campaign contributions……That’s a lot of money that we, The American People, do not know the origins of.
    Where are the questions about JoeBamas wardrobes…..
    How much did Michelle spend on clothes on the campaign trail….
    Why is it that we do not hear about who runs The House and Senate.
    Entitlements do not work ! Welfare does not work !
    Hard work does work !

  7. Patriot Says:

    Wow what a surprise…neo-coms hurling insults instead of debating facts. The neo-cons are real good at insults and threats to free speech. Unfortunately they have talking points from the RNC that are baseless in fact. Your arguments are merely hate filled and racist at best. There are hard working people in this country with no health care, no retirement and no hand up to get into the middle class. All the while the rich suck all the money out of the economy so that they can buy another yacht or mercedes benz. In the meantime seniors live on cat food, the poor working class have to depend on food banks and the disadvatage have to depend on private agencies to just get by. This is not the American Dream. As to the election according to ALL polls President Barack Hussein Obama is leading. Therefore I will continue to call him such for the next 8 years. Enjoy!!!!

  8. mortachai Says:

    BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA, 18 letters, 6+6+6 (666)

    BARACK OBAMA: AMABOKCARAB (am a bokc arab) (bock is a male deer or goat in German, goat is symbol of the devil)


    BHO = Bad to Have in Office

    BO = (self explanatory)

    ‘BARACK’ is the sound a chicken makes

    HUSSEIN? (Who’s sane?)…Anyone who votes for McCain.

  9. CountDown Says:

    mortachai- now I’ll have that Damian Devil music playing in my head everytime I see or hear the Arab-Goat boy with the 6’s on his head (in between his horns, I’m sure).

    Thank you for that….

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