Obamas’ Department of Peace & Non-Violence

The Obama Department of Peace & Non-Violence
Friday, October 24, 2008
Andy McCarthy

From : National Review ‘The Corner’

At least we know what will become of that 25 percent of the Defense
budget Barney Frank wants to slash from the protection of Americans.

The DC Examiner reminds us that already proposed in the House
(HR 808) is the creation of a new, multi-billion dollar, cabinet-level monstrosity: The Department of Peace & Non-Violence.

The DPN-V would house such vital new agencies as The Office of Peace
Education camp; Training, the Office of Domestic Peace Activities, the Office of International Peace Activities, the Office of Technology for Peace, the Office of Arms Control and Disarmament (ACM — not withstanding that Barnie seems to have that covered already), the Office of Peaceful Co- Existence and Non-Violent Conflict Resolution, and, of course, the Office of Human Rights and Economic Rights.

This, is separate and apart from Wage Insurance (aka “Spreading the Wealth”), Obama’s proposed Global Poverty Act (aka Spreading the Wealth to the Globe through the UN), tax relief for oppressed classes such as trial lawyers (aka Spreading More Wealth to Top Democrat Donors); and gasoline subsidies (aka Spreading the Wealth to America’s enemies who are hurting now that oil is down to about $60/barrel).



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