Heaven Sent ?

With the coming of Barack Obama
Dems paint a specious panorama
The world’s awaiting this Messiah
To save them from brimstone and fire

He’s ‘THE ONE’ we’ve waited for
And we better not ignore
His running to be president
Because you know he’s heaven sent

Some will say that he’s a Swami
But I think he’s just a Commie
Everyone should understand
He’s not fit to rule this land

He’s no god he’s no Messiah
He’s just an ordinary liar
Forget the hype the holy wailing
Make your vote McCain and Palin

original poem by armageddonoutahere


3 Responses to “Heaven Sent ?”

  1. Patriot Says:

    I believe your poetic talent is being wasted on a lost cause. President Barack Hussein Obama is not a “commie” or a socialist. He is a progressive democat that will bring change to Washington DC. He is not beholding to any special interest. His only interest is the working American. The next 8 years will be the best 8 years in American history.

  2. CountDown Says:

    Yo Pat! Y’all not still waiting on the Easter Bunny- are ya??

  3. armageddonoutahere Says:

    ExPatriot your idol Obama is a Commie and a liar, who is beholding to
    anti American groups and organizations. You’re the type who would have voted for Adolf Hitler if you had been alive then. Wait till you see what
    todays ‘progressive democrats’ will do to the Constitution and the little
    freedoms we have left. You’re too blind to the realities all around you.
    You’re so hateful of Republicans, you’ll vote for a commie because he’s
    a Democrat. Yes, you would vote for Hitler if he was running as a democrat.

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