Exploring The Differences

Exploring Differences Between The Candidates On The Major Issues
Investor’s Business Daily

As election day nears, IBD takes a look at how John McCain and
Barack Obama differ in their approaches to the major issues facing
the nation.

The gap between the presidential candidates’ policies is as wide as
the chasm between their parties. McCain prefers proven sources
while Obama supports the fantasies pushed by environmentalists.

Health Care:
It’s simple, really. Republicans want to empower consumers and the private sector. Democrats want government running the show, and
Nov. 4 may grant them their wish.
How will Barack Obama and friends fund their plan to spread Joe the Plumber’s wealth? They intend to beat our swords into welfare checks, leaving America exposed to its mortal enemies.
Iraq War:
We don’t have to wait to see Barack Obama tested by a foreign crisis. His judgment was already tested on Iraq and found wanting. John McCain passed the test, and a holocaust was avoided.
The urge to spend lavishly on schools is part of the Democratic Party’s DNA. But fatter budgets would not be balanced by accountability, higher standards or parental choice.
Supreme Court:
John McCain wants justices who’ll interpret the Founders’ intent.
Barack Obama wants justices who’ll feel your pain and render social justice.
Imagine two or three more Ruth Bader Ginsburgs.
National Security:
Biden’s warning that Obama’s lack of experience will prompt tyrants
and terrorists to “test” him within the first six months can only be
seen one way — as a confirmation of our worst fears.

Election ’08:John McCain’s vocal support of free trade is matched by
a stalwart voting record.
By contrast, Barack Obama says he’s a “free trader” but comes up
with ever- snakier excuses that suggest otherwise.



One Response to “Exploring The Differences”

  1. wander-rant Says:

    The ONLY reason the choice should be so easy this year….

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