What’s Wrong With The Media ?

Here’s what’s wrong with the media;
The people below are all members of the Council on Foreign Relations:

Brokaw, Tom – former NBC a Director of CFR
Amos, Deborah Susan – National Public Radio and ABC News
Applebaum, Anne E. – columnist for Washington Post
Calabresi, Massimo F. T. – a reporter for Time magazine
Clemetson, Lynette – New York Times – Newsweek correspondent
Cochran, Barbara S. -president of Radio-Television News Directors
Cooney, Joan Ganz – producer of PBS”s Sesame Street: (CFR chairman Peter G. Peterson”s wife)
Couric, Katherine A. “Katie” – CBS News
Danner, Mark D. – a writer for The New Yorker
de Menil, Joy Alexandra – senior editor of The Atlantic
Diehl, Jackson K. – columnist for the Washington Post
Dreyfuss, Joel – senior editor of Fortune magazine
Ensor, David B. – CNN
Fallows, James – national correspondent for The Atlantic Monthly
Friedman, Thomas L. – New York Times
Geyer, Georgie Anne – syndicated columnist
Giacomo, Carol Ann – correspondent for Reuters News Agency
Golob, Paul D. – senior editor at Times Books
Gordon, Michael R. – military correspondent for the New York Times
Gourevitch, Philip – staff writer for The New Yorker
Gupte, Pranay – columnist for New York Sun
Hajari, Nisid J. – managing editor of Newsweek International
Hamilton, Charles V. – co-author of “Black Power”
Hiatt, Fred – editor of The Washington Post’s editorial page
Hirsh, Michael P. – senior editor of Newsweek
Kagan, Robert W. – Washington Post
Kaiser, Robert G. – Washington Post
Kalb, Marvin – retired CBS and NBC
Kessler, Glenn Andrew – Washington Post
Kirkpatrick, Melanie M. – associate editor of The Wall Street Journal
Klurfeld, James M. – editorial page editor at Newsday
Knell, Gary E. – President and CEO of Sesame Workshop (i.e. Sesame Street, etc.)
Kondracke, Morton – Fox News
Kranwinkle, C. Douglas – Executive VP, General Counsel of Univision (a Spanish-language TV outlet)
Krauthammer, Charles – Time and Washington Post
Kristof, Nicholas D. – columnist for the New York Times
Landers, James M. –columnist for Dallas Morning News
Lapham, Lewis H. – editor of Harper’s Magazine
Lehrer, Jim – PBS
Lennon, Alexander T. J. – editor-in-chief of Washington Quarterly
Lippman, Thomas W. – Washington Post Middle East bureau chief
Loeb, Marshall – CBS Radio Network; columnist
Lozano, Monica C. – publisher and CEO of La Opinion (largest Spanish language newspaper in the U.S.)
Ma, Christopher – Vice President of Washington Post Company
Mabry, Marcus – a senior editor at Newsweek
Mead, Walter Russell – contributing editor to the Los Angeles Times
Michaels, Marguerite – Midwest bureau chief for Time Magazine
Miller, Judith – former New York Times
Mitchell, Andrea – NBC; Alan Greenspan’s wife
Mitchell, Patricia E. -President of Public Broadcasting Service (PBS)
Mora, Antonio G. – co-anchor of CBS 2 Chicago
Murdoch, Rupert – CEO of News Corporation; Fox News
Murdock, Deroy – contributing editor to National Review Online and a Scripps-Howard columnist
Murphy, Caryle Marie -Middle East correspondent for Washington Post
Murray, Alan S. – co-host of “Capital Report’on CNBC; contributing editor to Wall Street Journal
O’Rourke, Patrick J. – correspondent for The Atlantic magazine; contributing editor at The Weekly Standard
Oberdorfer, Don – staff writer for the Washington Post
Parsons, Richard D. – Chairman and CEO of Time Warner
Pilgrim, Kathryn (“Kitty”) – CNN
Pincus, Walter H. – Washington Post
Pipes, Daniel – publisher of Middle East Quarterly
Pool-Eckert, Marquita J. – senior producer of CBS Sunday Morning
Quinn, Jane Bryant – contributing editor of Newsweek
Rubin, Trudy S. -columnist-editorial board member-Philadelphia Inquirer
Sanger, David E. -New York Times; White House Correspondent
Sawyer, Diane – ABC
Shanker, Thomas Daniel – Pentagon correspondent for The New York Times
Sheinbaum, Stanley K. – Publisher of New Perspectives Quarterly
Sherr, Lynn B. – ABC 20/20 correspondent
Shlaes, Amity Ruth – senior columnist for Financial Times
Shribman, David M. – syndicated columnist
Stahl, Lesley R. – “60 Minutes’ CBS
Steiger, Paul E. – Wall Street Journal
Teichner, Martha A. -CBS correspondent-CBS News Sunday Morning
Toobin, Jeffrey R. – CNN legal analyst for CNN Worldwide
Tucker, Cynthia A. -Atlanta Journal-Constitution
Utley, Garrick – correspondent for CNN
vanden Heuvel, Katrina – editor of The Nation
Vester, Linda J. – Fox News
Walters, Barbara – ABC News
Warner, Margaret G. – PBS
Weisberg, Jacob M. – journalist and editor of Slate magazine
Williams, Brian D. – NBC
Wright, Lawrence G. ‘The New Yorker
Zahn, Paula A. – CNN; former CBS and FOX
Zakaria, Fareed – Newsweek (international edition)
Zuckerman, Mortimer B.-editor-in-chief of U.S. News and World Report


One Response to “What’s Wrong With The Media ?”

  1. Tom Says:

    What is wrong with the media? Welllll let me tell you a thing or two. The media has been a far left, nearly socialist/communist leaning arm of the Democrapic party since the days of FDR. We now see this list and the picture becomes much more clear to freedom loving Americans. We are being bamboozled out of our freedom and liberty. The CFR is so deeply entrenched in our Govt, news agencies and corporations that only a bloody revolution can save us. Where are todays minute men!

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