The Choice Is Yours

O.K. The election is a couple of days away. It comes down to this:

Do you want a Socialist/Markist, who can’t wait to take your hard
earned money and redistribute it to those who refuse to work ? or

Do you want an American who loves and has served his country
and will lower taxes so you can keep more of your hard earned
money ?

Do you want to take a chance with someone whose life is shrouded
in secrecy, has very questionable friends and associates and who
has nothing good to say about America ? or

Do you want someone who is a patriotic American, has nothing to
hide and whose past record is open for all to see ?

It is said, this is the most important election for our country. We
can either be a free Capitalist country,where everyone can enjoy
the fruits of their labor. or

We can be a Socialist/Communist country, where the government
will decide how much of your hard earned money you can keep,
and how much freedom it will allow you.

Remember, this is the country you are leaving for your children and

The choice is yours. Use it wisely.


One Response to “The Choice Is Yours”

  1. Tom Says:

    My father fought for this country in the Korean War, My garndfathers and Uncles fouhgt in the 2 World Wars. How many families out there have the same history? Please think about your vote. Don’t make a vote you will regret come this time next year. Obama’s pas associations speak loudly to his very own thoughts. It is not 1 mistaken association. It is a lifetime of the wrong associations. He has always surrounded himself with Anarchist, Socialist, Communist and Rascist. My Momma always told me “show me your friends and I’ll tell you what you are” Please use your head before you pull that lever!!

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