Obamas’ Cap and Trade Plan


Obama plans to use his C&T plan as a gigantic club to beat up
on power companies and coal companies (and the miners) if they
don’t meet his arbitrary and capricious “targets” that drop every
year regardless of any progress technologically in finding ways to mitigate the carbon output of power plants.

It will almost certainly cause a lot of smaller coal companies to
either cut their work force as the demand for coal – our most
abundant energy source – shrinks and probably drive a lot of
these smaller concerns out of business.

This illustrates better than anything the folly of “cap and trade” proposals.

“So, if somebody wants to build a coal plant, they can. It’s just
that it will bankrupt them” Obama said.

What about his gloating about driving businesses to bankruptcy?

If this happens your electric bills will skyrocket !

Has there ever been a presidential candidate who looked forward
to the prospect of destroying someone’s life’s work and costing
thousands of people their jobs?


One Response to “Obamas’ Cap and Trade Plan”

  1. Tom Says:

    It should be called CRAP and TRAITOR!!! Because this buffoon is full of CRAP and he is TRAITOR. He should be arrested and tried for treason. He is a communist sympathizer and will destroy our country. How can anybody that claims to love America vote for this Traitor is beyond me?

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