The big day looms ahead my friend
There’ll be no turning back
It’s the beginning of the end
If you vote for the commie Barack

He says he’ll take your hard earned pay
And give it to the leeches
Who’d rather laze around all day
He says that in his speeches

He’s out to slash your 401Ks
And raise your utility bills
If he wins you can count the days
Till you’re heading for the hills

To try to figure out his plan
Just leaves one feeling tedious
Obamas not an honest man
In fact he’s much too devious

If he should win his phony show
It will be a cause for mourning
I hate to say I told you so
But I gave you every warning

‘They’ say Obama has the lead
According to the trend
But you can’t believe all you read

original poem by armageddonoutahere


4 Responses to “BEGINNING OF THE END”

  1. Patriot Says:

    tsk, tsk, tsk more fascist neo-com hate filled thoughts. Why am I not surprised? President Barack Hussein Obama is not a “commie”. He is a great American Hero that is going to save the USA. For way too long the failed policies of the fascist neo-con movement have ruined our country. We will now have a more fair and caring government. A govt that is for the middle class and poor. President Barack Hussein Obama will lead our country for the next 8 years. More than enough time to enact his plans to make America great again. Just think how proud you will be to be a part of the world community once again. Too have universal health care, an end to poverty, the saving of social security/medicare and an economy that works for ALL Americans. Not just the top 5%. They have enough money it is time for the bottom 95% to get the chance to become wealthy.
    No more seniors choosing between food and heating oil. No more children dying because of inadequate health care. No more Exxon Mobil earning 14 billion in a quarter while everyday Americans cant afford gas.
    Peace and tranquilty awaits all Americans because the war against the poor Iraqi people will be over. Never again will we go to war for no reason. You should write a poem praising the savior of America!! President Barack Hussein Obama.

  2. Tom Says:

    You ignorant fool. You have been coming on here for a while now spewing your liberal talking points. You drank the koolaid but let me tell you people that love America will never drink your disgusting koolaid. You are so misinformed that you dont realize that it is your kind that are the true rascist. Your policies have held down my people for over 40 years now. You threw us some crumbs and gave us a couple of housing projects under the guise of giving us a hand up. All it was, was a hold down. Your stupid libearl policies are what propagated the problems facing my community today. Fatherless children, unemployment, high drug use, no will too work, highest incarceration rate and uneducated. The Great Society was supposed to cure all the ills of poverty and all it did was hold my people down more that slavery ever did!!
    Don’t you ever sit it your ivory tower, drinking your latte and think that my people are happy with crumbs you throw to us. My people have made the greatest strides since Reagan in 1980. We ahve been able to get a leg up through education and hard work. Not housing projects and welfare.
    Go and hide your rascist ass back under the rock you hide under in your penthouse. Allow my people to have the same opportunity that your children have to private schools and college and then we will produce a candidate that is worthy to lead the USA. Obama is not that person!!

  3. armageddonoutahere Says:

    Tom, you’ve stated the things I would have liked to say to ExPatriot. You’ve said them more clearly than I could have. His ignorance is pathetic. He slams the ones who want to see the poor get out of the governments control and he’s either too dumb or uncaring to understand the “give a man a fish” etc. premise.

    There would be no Civil Rights legislation if the Republicans had not dragged the democrats, kicking and screaming, to pass that legislation.
    He, and his ilk, are the ones who keep the poor down and Obama will see toit that they stay on the government dole. Give them just enough to get their vote. That’s the Demorats motto.

  4. Tom Says:

    Thank you Armag. Unfortunately I think it is too late for Freedom Loving Americans. It is sad to say but I think that Capitalism in America died tonight. One of our founding fathers warned that America would never be taken from an outside enemy. He said we would fall from within. That is the Democrats and Obama’s legacy. They will go down in history as the party and the man that destroyed America. As for REAL Americans we just have to hope that after the dust settles there are enough pieces left to put our great republic back together.
    As for that idiot Patriot. He said in an earlier post that he had a PHD and was well off. I hope and pray that your hero Obama makes you poor. Then maybe you will get it. If you wanted Communism why didn’t you just move to Cuba? Why destroy the USA?

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