The Aftermath

The election went the way I feared it would.There’s no surprise,
just disappointment. I had hoped the American voter would put
their country first but they either voted on their party line or they
are anxiously awaiting the freebies they think are awaiting them.

If you watched the crowd you must have noticed all the
young, cheering for the new President elect.Those are the brain
washed,dumb downed, products of our government education
system. Their left over 60s and 70s professors and teachers have
done an exemplary job of brain washing these generations.

So now I’ll just wait for President Obama to fulfill all the promises
he made. On one hand I’ll enjoy seeing his supporters as they
realize what they have wrought. On the other hand, I’ll mourn for
the demise of the greatest country ever created.

However, I will never give up the fight to regain its’ greatness. We
got the greatness back after Carter, who was the worst president
this country ever had. It may be harder with a Communist President Obama, but I believe in Americas’ ingenuity, so I’ll put my faith in
those good Americans.

It was nice to see the joy of Black Americans. I was happy for them
but I also was sad that it just isn’t the right black man who won it.
I would have liked to celebrate with them but I love my country too much to celebrate the victory of an anti American commie.


2 Responses to “The Aftermath”

  1. CountDown Says:

    AGOH- great summary. Seems like we’re always asking you to follow up on your summaries, but, I guess that is why you’re out there! It would be great to have a list of Obama’s campaign promises so that we can track his record through his administration.

    I’ll give it about six months into his administration before we see the “buyers remorse” kick in (for both the Americans and the rest of the world that wanted him so badly) and the Democratic party start eating their own young.

    On one hand, his election is very, very good for our country’s race relations. Perhaps, there is a much bigger reason he has been elected, one that required out total national galvanization and will that reveal itself soon enough.

  2. Tom Says:

    Some predictions for the coming 4 years:
    Iran gets nuclear weapons
    Iraq falls to Shia extremist
    USA violates the sovereignty of Pakistan
    Israel will be divided if not eliminated
    North Korea restarts nuclear weapons program
    Venezuela’s interferes in the affairs of soveriegn democracies in S America
    Russia interferes with budding Deocracies in Eastern Europe
    The world wide recession deepens causing much suffering
    We become engaged in Africa’s wars
    Energy prices soar beyond control
    Gas hits $5.00 per gallon/$ 175 barrel to curb usage
    America joins Kyoto Treaty detroying US Industries
    Caps are placed on auto MPG causing the destruction of US auto industry
    Inflation soars to double digits for 1st time since 1979
    Unemployment hits double digits for 1st time since 1979
    Taxes are raised on all working Americans
    American interest are targets of terror abroad….
    and sadly and most bothersome America’s homeland is once again attacked only this time there is no retaliatory attack. This emboldens our enemies and invites more attacks.
    This is the America that the people whom voted for Obama wanted. Because we were warned!!

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