Well the die has been cast, so now on to unmasking the real
“government” who makes the decisions of who, what, where,
when and why, in this country and tomorrow, the world.

First: let’s look at the WHO; It didn’t matter which candidate won
the election because both were members of the cabal that run
this country. This has been true for over 40 years now. We don’t
choose our Presidents. We choose one of the two that the cabal
has offered us. No matter which one wins, he belongs to them.

Second: let’s look at the WHAT: the elected will do whatever the
cabal wants him to do. He will carry out all their plans. If he can’t
fulfill them by Senate votes, he will use his Executive Orders to
accomplish it. Members of the cabal are also placed in Congress
and the Senate, so cooperation in passing legislation will not be
difficult most of the time.

Third: let’s look at the WHERE: Right out in the open with the
media, who are controlled by and are part of the cabal, never
exposing the takeover of our government.

Fourth: let’s look at the WHEN: It’s been happening for well over
40 years now. This election may be the culmination of the plans
of the cabal. The financial crash and the resulting takeover of
banks, financial, insurance,mortgages and credit companies
by the government, has completed a large part of their plans.
Now they are coming for your Health Care, and your 401Ks.
They want a civilian army, as militarized as our military services.
This new President will also give them everything they want, the
same as our 9 or more presidents did. They want your guns
and all weapons.

Fifth: let’s look at the WHY: Because an unarmed population, will
not be able to revolt when they finally figure out that they no longer
are a free society. Because the middle class will no longer exist.
Because the poor may be kept around to serve the Elites. That’s
their New World Order.

Who is this cabal who want to take away your freedoms and rule you?



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