Obamas “Global Poverty Act”

It’s very important that every freedom loving American go to
the site below and at least scan through the information there
about Obamas “Global Poverty Act”
It’s going to affect your life and your finances immensely.


The bill’s co-sponsor is Republican Senator *Richard Lugar of Indiana,
who sits on the Foreign Relations Committee. Its other co-sponsors
are Senators *Joseph Biden, *Maria Cantwell, *Chris Dodd,
*Dick Durbin, Russ Feingold, *Dianne Feinstein, *Charles Hagel, and Robert Mendez

Names with * are members of The Council on Foreign Relations
(Not sure if Feingold and Mendez are members)


10 Responses to “Obamas “Global Poverty Act””

  1. wander-rant Says:

    I think it is time to start linking up The One’s short-term political initiatives with the prophecies in the Book of Revelation- which is an element of your blogsite namesake.

    There are just too many similarities to continue ignore.

    The political dialogue, at this stage, may be the least effective communication and since you can’t seem to get through to formerly rational people, perhaps a recounting of prophecies accepted by a major religion, directly linked to The One’s political philosophies will help solidify the message.

    For another interesting dovetail of expanding “events”, see


  2. wander-rant Says:

    Wrong link in prior post, see:


  3. Patriot Says:

    I’m baaaaaaackkk! Sorry I’ve been celebrating since Tuesday. Told y’all President Barack Hussein Obama would win in a landslide. He had better ideas and solutions to today’s problems. The Neo-cons offered the same tired old failing policies that have ruined our economy and country. The American people finally voted with there brain and elected the one person that will fix all that ails our great nation.
    Now I see that this blog is attempting to call the President-Elect the anti-christ. What will be next that he’s an Alien from outter space. It sure sounds like sour grapes to me. He hasn’t even taking office yet and the neo-con nuts are trying to destroy him. Whatever happened to doing what is right for our country? Why don’t ya get behind him and lets get America moving forward. Already the world leaders are lining up to welcome us back into the world community.

  4. armageddonoutahere Says:

    ExPatriot Congratulations, you got your Commie president. Now all we
    have to do is wait and watch you cringe as you see the things you were warned about, happen. The best part is, you deserve him. The sad part
    is, we don’t. I hope you’ll be as sad when you see our great country get
    torn apart by your Commie president. Don’t run away and hide. I want
    to be able to tell you “I told you so”

    Take a good look at the Constitution before your commie president tears
    it apart, piece by piece and always remember I TOLD YOU SO.

  5. Patriot Says:

    Wow such hatred from the fascist neo-cons. I will not have any reason to hide. President Barack Hussein Obama will be the greatest President this country has ever seen. He not only has the support of a majority of Americans he too has support from governments and people allover the world. World leaders are not just knocking on his door they are knocking his door down!! Put away all the doom and gloom, lies and innuendo. Join with our President to bring forth a greater America that is fair to all Americans. So I do hope that the neo-cons do not crawl back under the rock from whence they came. Stand tall and enjoy the fruits of democracy.

  6. Greg Says:

    I have been reading this great blog since it’s inception. The information placed here was never reported in the main stream media and we should be thankful for Aramagheddonouttahere’s hard work. Obama has had socialistand communist associations continually throughout his life. Not even did Obama deny this FACT. So when this idiot Patriot says that people that disagree with obama are spreading lies and innuendo he is not a Patriot at all. Our country has grown the most in the past 50 years under a Republican President because the Repub;ican ideas are growth oriented. The dopey democrats policies are for big govt, higher taxes and more restrictions on business. They want to take care of people from craddle to grave. Creating a society that is totally dependent on the govt. This kills the American dream. Our fore fathers devised a system that allowed every citizen the opportunity to become more successful thatn the previous generation. Liberal policies do not forment tha same opportunity.
    Ronald Reagan was the last President to understand this, hence the huge success of his Presidency. Reagan has been said to be one of the Greatest Presidents this nation has ever seen.
    All Obama’s proposed policies will do is send this country into another depression. Create a socialist economy and weaken America enough to invite another attack on our soil. That will be his legacy if he keeps his promises. So Patriot why don’t you crawl back under that rock you came from back in the USSR or Cuba. I’m sure Chavez would love to have you in Venezuela.

  7. CountDown Says:

    It is apparent that Patriot is a communist; we do, afterall, have communists residing among us here. Patriot never offers any actual facts about how ObamaSavior will conduct his miracles that will make America “great again”. This is probably because Patriot isn’t capable of formulating concrete links between the ObamaSavior’s platitudes and implementing policies.

    ObamaSavior, and ALL of his fervent supporters have not been able to establish the simplist of links between his platitudes and policy.

    ObamaSavior will disappear from the political landscape in four years, just like Carter did after his failed term. We need to concentrate on blocking his socialist agenda for the next two years (he didn’t get the H/S majorities he needed to steamroll), when we’ll have a shot at replacing some of his H/S supporters. Since it will take him at least two years to address the economic crisis and try make good on his promises regarding the war in Iraq, we have time on our side.

    His election is an example of one of those rare times in history when all the morons aligned themselves just perfectly enough to actually pull off a victory. Such rare political astronomical events seldom are able to sustain themselves for long. Have faith, our ingenious forefathers made sure the Constitution provided for such debacles.

  8. Patriot Says:

    To Greg and Countdown. It is apparent that anybody that disagrees with the failed neo-con agenda to ruin America is aclled a communist or socialist. We too love America, capitalism and freedom.
    AS too your discussiion about policy and platitudes. If you would open you mind and clear your ears you would have heard that President Barack Hussein Obama’s policies are just that. They are not platitudes at all. Obama has explained all his plans in language even a fascist neo-con should be able to understand.
    It is insulting to the majority of Americans that voted for Obama to be told they didn’t know what they were doing. Stating they were stupid or vapid of any idea of Obama’s plan for success is abhorrent.
    The fascist neo-cons lost the election yet they want to continue to argue the results of the landslide victory President Barack Hussein Obama achieved.
    Fortunatley for America Obama will fix the what ails the great nation and with the help of a majority in the house and senate will be able to enact his policies quickly. This will get us on tarck to compete with the other powers in the world.
    I for one thank God that the American people saw through the fascist neo-con hate campaign and elected the right person this time.

  9. CountDown Says:

    Per Patriots’ last comment: the American people were given a choice between a hard-core Communist-Socialist and a confused Socialist-Wannabee. The Republicans, with the help of the Democrats during the Republican primaries, nominated an unelectable candidate. And, even then, the most popular Democrat candidate in a generation only barely won.

    Don’t get too cocky, you only have a couple of years before the wrongs start to right themselves.

    PS. Glad to see that ObamaSavior found his middle name- it did get lost for awhile there….

  10. wander-rant Says:

    Has Patriot actually stopped to think exactly WHO elected Obama?

    How about left-wing radical burnt-out hippie academics, dopey kids voting for the first time, perhaps the most ignorant poor and lower middle-class population of labor union loving numskulls of any generation, illegal immigrants, ne’er do wells, and Hollywood (brain dead) entertainers (this last group includes the so-called press). Just about every disenfranchised, debased, deranged and degenerate member of American society voted for Obama. Our substandard subculture selected our President-elect.

    Yep, that’s the neighborhood of geniuses in which I’d certainly be proud to reside.

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