Meet Rham Emanuel

His ways are so crude that he was demoted by even the boorish
Clinton White House for, among other things, disrespecting elder Cabinet members and leaking dirt on his enemies to the press.
Clinton strategist Paul Begala, not the most pleasant soul himself,
called Emanuel “a cross between a hemorrhoid and a toothache.”

That Obama, the seeming paragon of class and dignity, would want to yoke himself to such a guttersnipe leaves many scratching their heads. His thuggish slash-and-burn style may get results, but for how long?

Wasn’t it Obama who said he also wanted to change the culture of greed and corruption on Wall Street?

After leaving the scandal-plagued Clinton White House, Emanuel joined the board of Freddie Mac, which backed risky subprime home loans with the encouragement of Obama and other Democrats. He pocketed $231,655 in director’s fees in his last year there.

He also took a job as an investment banker in Chicago. After just over two years there, Emanuel walked away with a cool $18 million while working on merger deals that led to thousands of layoffs.

His firm also funded subprime loans, yet Emanuel now has the nerve to blame Wall Street “greed” and the “anything goes,” “right-wing” free market ideology of Republicans for the financial crisis.

Then after his golden parachute, Chicago Mayor Richard Daley backed him in his bid for Congress. Emanuel was chief fundraiser for Daley during his 1989 campaign. Obama was also part of the Daley machine, which has long been associated with graft.

On policy, Emanuel, whose Hollywood agent brother represents
Michael Moore, wants to make the Earned Income Tax Credit
more user-friendly by consolidating it with all the other family tax
credits and making them all refundable, while putting them on the
IRS short form.

Ambitious. In your face. Aggressive. Combative. Ruthless. Pit bull. Rahmbo. All have been used to describe Emanuel.And now, chief of staff? Not an auspicious start for the candidate of hope and change.

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5 Responses to “Meet Rham Emanuel”

  1. Patriot Says:

    How ironic of you, one sided fascist neo-cons!! Is Emanuel any different that Carl Rove???? Is he any more divisive than Rove???? Is he anymore partisan than Rove???? Why don’t ya just wait to see how Obama will govern. Can’t be any worse than the last 8 years!!!!!!!

  2. armageddonoutahere Says:

    ExPatriot then you’re admitting your commie president is a liar. He promised you sucker voters “a change, a new, gentler and kind” administration.

    The lying commie didn’t even wait until he was sworn in to give all you idiots the shaft. We knew what we were getting. You half wits believed him.
    Look who’s laughing now!

  3. Patriot Says:

    The Democratic System elected President Obama. Not the communist system!! President Obama did promise change. Not change in administration officals but change in our policies. Change in our approach to taxing the rich. Change in providing health care to all Americans. Change in giving the poor and middle clas a way to move up. A change in legislation that assist the poor and middle class instead of the rich.
    I know this is hard for you to understand seeing as you are a knuckle dragging fascist neo-con. It is what it is!!! The President has not even taken the oath of office and fascist neo-cons are talking about breaking promises and lying. We have had 8 years of lying and broken promises. Not anymore, Barack will save you!!

  4. armageddonoutahere Says:

    ExPatriot, your commie president won because ACORN stuffed the voting
    machines with phony names in the key states. He didn’t win it…he stole it.
    You must be a stinking commie too if you go along with obamas’ share the wealth schemes. Did you ever think of going out and earning wealth instead of waiting to have it handed to you on the backs of those who
    do earn it.

    You’re just another democreep free loader waiting for the government to
    take care of you. You and your ilk really make me sick. Get off your lazy
    rump and go out and earn a living. Stop leeching off those who do work.

  5. Tom Says:


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