Farrakhan Warns of Racial Tensions

Farrakhan hails Obama’s win, warns of racial tensions
Nov 9,2008

“I’m sure that many of our people have unfortunately lost their lives because of the absolute hatred that is manifested now that one of our own has risen to such a high office,” he told the crowd at the national headquarters of the Nation of Islam.

armageddonoutahere says:
Yes, the bodies of ‘his people’ are all over the streets of our racist
country. I thought Obama said we were ‘one people’ now. I guess
he was wrong. Reverse racism still survives.


4 Responses to “Farrakhan Warns of Racial Tensions”

  1. Patriot Says:

    Nice try but Farrakhan does not represent the black community. He represents the Nation of Islam. Mainstream african americans do not agree nor do they quantify anything that rascist egomaniac says.Once again your fascist neo-con ways poke through as usual.
    You seem to seek every opening whether imagined or not in an attempt to put down Pres. Obama before he is even sworn in.
    Why don’t you take a break from you hate filled vitriol. At least until Pres Obama is responsible for the leadership of our nation. I will say this once more. YOU LOST THE ELECTION….STOP THE MADNESS!!!!

  2. armageddonoutahere Says:

    ExPatriot… You just can’t face the truth can you? The truth is Farrakhan
    laid low until the election was over. He didn’t want to hurt his good friend and commie ally and hurt Obamas’ chance for the presidency.

    Here’s what Farrakhan had to say,”The comments were the first public statements from Farrakhan about Obama since the election. He said during the speech that “he avoided discussing Obama publicly for nine months because he feared his words were being taken out of context and could hurt Obama’s campaign.” Check it out:


  3. Patriot Says:

    Yes I can face the truth. The truth is we won the election in a landslide victory. We have a larger majority in the house and senate. The American people have spoken loud and clear. We have the mandate of the people to take the power and the gov’t back for the people. Not for the fascist neo-cons that have ruined our country.
    Now it is time for you and your fascist neo-con comrades to accept the truth!!!!!

  4. armageddonoutahere Says:

    ExPatriot It’s no use. You can talk till the end of time but I will never align myself with your commie president. You can call all the names as you democreeps usually do, but my allegiance is to my country and the loyal
    Americans who care what happens to the country. You vote for your party.
    I vote for my country.

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