Hail Hail The Gangs All Here

Below are names of those who Obama has
chosen as advisers for his transition team.

*Jamie Dimon
*John Kerry .
*Robert Gates
*James Steinberg
*Jeff Bingman
*Tim Roemer
*Susan B. Rice
*Arthur Davis
*Bill Richardson
*Robert Rubin
*Larry Summers
*Timothy Geithner
*Paul Volcker
*David Boren
*Tom Kean
*Gary Hart
*Jane Harman

Coincidentally ALL are members of
The Council on Foreign Relations (CFR)
as are *Obama, *Biden and *McCain


5 Responses to “Hail Hail The Gangs All Here”

  1. Tom Says:

    Boy I am glad this clown-elect has given us change! This names look mighty familair too me. So I guess he has officially broken his first and most grand promise to bring change to Washington. Maybe he meant he will only leave us change in our pocket! GOD HELP AMERICA!

  2. armageddonoutahere Says:

    Tom, I’m afraid the change Obama intends to put into action is to change this country from a free capitalist nation to a communist country. Remember he uses Saul Alinskys’ methods. He learned Alinsky’ tactics very well. Most of his adult life is a blueprint of Alinskys’ communist teachings. You’re right GOD HELP AMERICA!

  3. wander-rant Says:

    Do you really think that God has forsaken America?

    Do you really think that the US powerbase is ready to turn the whole maghilla over to enemies of the U.S.?

    Do you really think that generations of powerful patriots would permit the ruination of the U.S.?

    Do you think that you are even aware of the most secret of “societies” that have been sustained and even grown over the last two hundred years, specifically created for just such reason-to serve and protect the U.S.?

    Do you really think that the rest of the world, which relies on our successes for their very survival, will permit ANY leader to truly threaten this nation’s “gifts” to the rest of the world?

    You will never read about the real “checks and balances” that have been in place to protect us from both internal and external threats.

    There is just too much at stake to allow an electoral mistake or an elected’s political blunder risk it all.

    It is beyond money and power, it is about the future of all civilization and the great minds and leaders of the world, past and present, have it covered.

    All that we get to see of the vast idealogical struggles and battles are what “they” want us to know, i.e. what they give the press to distort.

    As we snipe at each other internally, much like a family squabbles, the real test of our powerbrokers convictions will come when one of our world’s despotic leaders initiates a real threat against the west – then, we will see the might of western civilization. No one leader can derail the “system”- it’ll be “get in line or get out of the way”. As history reveals, even rogue US leaders are not immune.

    There is that council of patriots that have convened for centuries, that are deeply steeped in religious convictions, from which our free market/capitalist system was derived, and that will pass their ruling class baton from one generation to the next. The president-elect is not even a blip on their screen.

  4. armageddonoutahere Says:

    wander-rant No I never thought for a moment that God had forsaken the U.S. I think too many of its’ citizens have. When a majority of Americans vote for a candidate as radical and unknown, as they did in this election that just passed, I think it’s time to implore God for His help.

    We just witnessed millions of Americans trade their votes for their own selfish reasons at the sacrifice of their security and their country. All that candidate had to do was tell them they’d receive something for nothing. They didn’t care if he was socialist or communist or especially if he was good for the country. All they cared about was what he would GIVE them. When the electorate gets that greedy, I think it’s very appropriate to call on God for His help.

  5. god Says:


    what have you done! bad people, baaaaaad people! I turn my back for one minute and what do you do? You vote in a nigro for president! I made them for sporting activities, not for running the greatest of my nations..Gheesh!…anyone ever hear of dinkins?…mayor barry ring a bell?…BAD PEOPLE.

    What’d you dooooo!…just like the damn jews when they made that stupid gold cow…i turned my back for one minute, and there they are, worshiping at his golden udders…and now look what you have done…

    well, get ready to wander the desert for the next 40 years…not the jews desert…no, not this time…this time it will be a desert of democratic deconstruction…forget whats fair…you will now support all of my poor, criminal malcontents…the harder you work, the more they will prosper…and you better learn to speak spanish, cause im throwing another 12 million mexicans your way…enjoy your bed…BAD PEOPLE!

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