The Voters Chose Collectivism

The voters chose Collectivism when they elected
Barack Obama.
Liberal Democrats promote Collectivism.
Conservative Republicans promote Individualism.
Collectivism = dependency on government and the
social programs which will keep people from becoming
independent and reach their full potential.
Individualism = success through good work ethics, ingenuity
and independence from governments’ social programs.

We are gradually becoming a Socialist country.


2 Responses to “The Voters Chose Collectivism”

  1. Patriot Says:

    Why dont the fascist neo-cons get it. The American people voted for change and Obama offered a clearly explained plan for change. There was nothing hidden in his platform. He will raise taxes on the wealthiest amongst us and allow the middle class and poor to catch up. You must be either very wealthy or very dumb!
    The system of govt we have protects us from becoming a socialist or communist nation. We will become a more fair nation to the poor and middle class. That is not “collectivism”.
    As a middle class American whom has been struggling his whole life to make ends meet, I for one am very happy that the playing field will finally be level. Aren’t you sick and tired of only the rich getting richer. Usually on the backs of the poor and middle class. I know I am. President Obama will change this once and for all. Get on board now because if he does what he promised this will be the most successful time in our history.

  2. armageddonoutahere Says:

    ExPatriot I don’t know whether to feel sympathy for you or anger. You
    really fell for Obamas lies, hook line and sinker. You only have to look
    at his appointments to know what kind of administration he’ll have. You
    don’t seem to question his choices while even the liberal media who made him, are confused by his reasoning. Where is the “change” he promised? He’s stacking his administration with the ‘has beens’ from the Clinton years and the ever present CFR members. Americans, both conservative and liberal, were happy to see the end of the degrading, Clinton era. As for helping the poor:

    There are times when people need a helping hand, whether it be from family, friends or government. I don’t know anyone who begrudges those who are unable to work, because of age or infirmities.

    When it becomes a life time ‘career’ for generation after generation, then hard working people have a legitimate right and a duty to complain and try to change the abuse.

    The wealth being distributed is the fruit and ingenuity of their labor. They are being used. The money they earn is being used for those who refuse to earn their money. The ‘helping hand’ should be temporary not
    permanent, to those who are able to work.

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