Do You Hear What I Hear ?

Am I the only one who hears that loud sucking sound ? I hear it all around me. It’s almost deafening. I think it’s coming from Washington. Yes, that’s where it’s from. Hold onto your wallets cause it’s gonna cost you every dime they can squeeze out of you. The ‘tax till it hurts’ crowd is busy, scheming every rip off they can dream up to separate you from your money.

Now you shouldn’t feel bitter. After all, we have to give our all to get Paulsons’ buddies out of trouble and we shouldn’t leave Geithner and friends swinging in the wind and we can’t forget Rubin and friends. It’s very selfish of you to resent helping out the Elite. Remember, Biden
said “It’s patriotic to pay taxes” and the more you pay, the more patriotic you’ll feel.

So what’s a few trillion dollars of taxpayers money? Just put up and shut up. So what if they’re piling up debts that your children and grandchildren will have to bear.

Now, open your wallets and shut your mouths and sing God Bless America and maybe you can drown out that sucking sound.


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