Left vs. Right (But Not Really)

The left vs. right political game is a facade for rule by elites and secret societies who control both factions.
Below are the Presidential candidates since 1952 but the control goes back long before that year.

1952 *Eisenhower and *Stevenson
1956 *Eisenhower and *Stevenson
1960 *Kennedy and *Nixon
1964 Johnson and Goldwater
1968 *Humphrey and *Nixon
1972 *McGovern and *Nixon
1976 *Carter and *Ford
1980 Reagan and *Carter
1984 Reagan and *Mondale
1988 *Bush and *Dukakis
1992 *Clinton and *Bush
1996 *Clinton and *Dole
2000 *W Bush and *Gore
2004 *W Bush and *Kerry
2008 *Obama and *McCain

* Denotes members of The Council on Foreign Relations
also known as our Secret Government


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