Secretary of Labor

(Washington, D.C.) In response to the selection of Rep. Hilda Solis (D-Calif.) as Secretary of Labor in the Obama administration, Dan Stein,
president of FAIR, issued the following statement:

“President-elect Obama’s selection of a labor secretary who has steadfastly opposed protecting American workers from the impact of millions of illegal aliens in our labor force is yet another blow to hard working families who desperately need those jobs. Both in Congress and as a member of the California Legislature, Hilda Solis has vigorously opposed efforts to institute and enforce laws against employing illegal aliens.

“If confirmed, Rep. Solis will assume the helm of the Department of Labor at a time when American workers face the worst crisis in generations. The U.S. economy has lost 1.25 million jobs during the last three months, and that crisis is likely to be exacerbated as the effects of the announced Chrysler shut-down ripple across the economy.

Rep. Solis was a cosponsor in 2007 of H.R. 1645, the STRIVE Act. The STRIVE Act would have granted amnesty to an estimated 12 million illegal aliens and severely undermined the interests of U.S. workers. H.R. 1645 would have:
* Created a new H-2C guest worker visa, adding between 400,000- 600,000 new foreign guest workers. These workers would have been permitted to apply for permanent residency.
* Allowed employers to layoff American workers in order to hire H-2C workers.
* Doubled the number of employment-based immigration visas.

Other key votes relating to the interests of American workers included:

* Support for allowing illegal aliens to collect Social Security
* Opposition to REAL ID Act necessary to prevent illegal aliens from using fake IDs to gain employment.
* Opposition to a measure to increase funding for E-Verify program.
* Support, as a member of the California Legislature, for driver’s
licenses for illegal aliens.

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