Obama Calling For Sacrifice

Obama Calls for ‘Grand Bargain’ on Economy: ‘Everybody’s Going to Have to Give’

The president-elect said fixing our economy over the long term will require sacrifice from every American and scaling back some of his campaign promises.

Let’s see. How can we sacrifice ? We can’t sacrifice more jobs to outsourcing because most of the good ones are now in some other country.

*We’ve already sacrficed the lives of thousands of our troops in Iraq and Afghanistan so I suppose more “sacrifice” can be made there.

*We’ve sacrificed billions in benefits to illegal aliens who aren’t deported but rewarded.

*We’ve already sacrificed our schools and hospitals to illegal aliens in the border states with more to be given.

*We’ve seen decent wages be sacrificed to please big business
and their hiring of illegal aliens.

*We’ve sacrificed more freedoms than ever in history and can be spied on and even jailed without charges all in the name of national security.

*We’ve sacrificed the sovereignty of our very country with the open border and denial of the American culture as being unique.

*We’re sacrificing the English language and seeing a bilingual
nation taking shape.Dual languages and allegiance to other countries through dual citizenship is rotting the fabric of this nation.

*We’ve seen Social Security retirement age creeping up steadily
until a person is near the expected age of death before even daring to hope to retire.

*Don’t talk to the average working American about sacrifices. We’re the dying breed who have been picked over by the illegal poor, the legal poor and the very elite.

From a post by: TGood | Jan 10,2009

3 Responses to “Obama Calling For Sacrifice”

  1. Patriot Says:

    Maybe….just maybe spoiled Americans can sacrifice that second luxury SUv they don’t really need. Maybe we can sacrifice that 5000 sq ft home for a family of 4…..how about the amount of waste this country produces…..or maybe the amount of energy, 25%, that we use. It is easy to blame everything on illegal aliens. They dont come here and freeload they work the jobs that Americans will not. Are you going to do our farming 12 hours a day in the hot sun for $250 per week? Are you going to wash the dishes in a restaurant 70 hrs per week for $250? Are you prepared to work as a construction laborer 70 hrs a week for $250? I think not because Americans are spoiled. So unless you are willing to fill these postions at regualr wages which would raise the prices of everything. Then maybe you should thank the next illegal you see instead of despising him. You may also forget that this country was made graet on the backs of its immigrants. Unless you are a Native American Indian you should probably be quiet!!!!!

  2. armageddonoutahere Says:

    EzPatriot Are you purposely overlooking the very important word in the
    post ? You know the word I’m referring to. Come on say it ILLEGAL. Do
    you really condone ILLEGAL Aliens ? Don’t you respect the laws of this
    country ? You can’t pick and choose which laws you’ll obey. You call yourself “Patriot” Well earn that moniker and respect all the laws of the
    land. You have so much sympathy for ILLEGAL aliens, why don’t you go
    visit them. Our prisons are filled with them. Legal immigration has always been welcomed in this country. It still is. Let them come in legally or let
    them stay out.

  3. CountDown Says:

    Poor, poor COMfused Pariot. This country uses all those unsustainable natural resources to feed the third world- you know, all those other socialist and communist political failures (because seldom do other democracies need us to feed them).

    And, all those legal and illegal immigrants are coming here just for our high standard of living to which they either contribute or from which they detract. Actually, if we CLOSED our borders we would stop consuming all those resources you are so worried about, decrease our surplus (and expensive) population, thereby affording the productive legal Americans (regardless of ethnicity or origin) the choice to live as they desire (and for which they have WORKED).

    Your illegal immigrant population drains our precious resources (both financial and environmental) as they “use” our resources to gain personally (not having to pay for services or obey our laws) to export legally back into their homelands. They are pillaging all our precious resources and dopes like you are supporting them.

    Patriot needs to investigate the STATISTICS (aka FACTS) and also review the HISTORY of other successful nations/cultures that COLLAPSED under their own weight due to the mismanagement of it’s unbridled citizenry. How do CHINA, NORTH KOREA and AFRICA sound to you, Patriot – like places you’d like to live? Or, perhaps the debacle and disease that is the MIDDLE EAST is your cup of tea?

    And finally, we “spoiled ” (legal) Americans work harder, hour for hour, than ANY other worker in the WORLD. This is how we feed, protect and develop the rest of the world. The illegals never have and never will have any measurable contribution to either our or the worlds’ economy.

    Now, go away and read a book for GOD’s sake.

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