Rangel Wants Draft reinstituted;

Rep. Charles Rangel (D-N.Y.) likely will introduce his controversial
legislation to reinstate the draft again this year, but he will wait
until after the economic stimulus package is passed.

Sheila Jackson Puts Hate Crime Bill on Agenda:

A federal “hate crimes” bill that officially is to enhance punishments
for “violence motivated by bias that is a relic of slavery” but is feared by Christians as a potential bludgeon against basic biblical teachings has been returned to the congressional agenda by Democratic Rep. Sheila Jackson-Lee of Texas.

Obama Friend and Member of “New World Order” Crowd

Former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger reaffirmed his call for the
incoming Obama administration to use the current financial crisis to
create a “new world order”

Kissinger’s commentary makes clear globalists intend to utilize the current global financial meltdown to advance globalism.

In developing his call for action, Kissinger also makes clear his view
of globalism involves a lessening of American power and influence to
elevate other less advantaged countries in the global economy.

Kissinger also chides America for being overbearing, suggesting that
“righteousness” has “characterized too many American attitudes,
especially since the collapse of the Soviet Union.”

He charges that American righteousness has resulted in “a certain inherent unilateralism ā€“ the standard of European critics ā€“ or else an insistent kind of consultation by which nations were invited to prove their fitness to enter the international system by conforming to American prescriptions.”

WND also has reported Kissinger is a leading participant in various global meetings, including those held by the Council on Foreign Relations, the Bilderberg Group and the Davos World Economic Forum.

A formal complaint has been filed with the U.S. Senate Ethics Committee over the refusal by the Foreign Relations Committee to investigate a wide range of scandals,
including “Chinagate” and “Filegate,” in Sen. Hillary Clinton’s past while she was questioned for her appointment to secretary of state.

Larry Klayman, known for pursuing Clinton scandals in the 1990s as founder of the government watchdog Judicial Watch, filed the complaint after the Foreign Relations Committee ignored his request.

All the above are redacted from


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