The Tale of Chicken Little

As I transverse these days of glory
I’m reminded of a childrens’ story
I’m living here right in the middle
Of the tale of Chicken Little

As Chicken Little ran through town
He warned all “the sky is falling down”
Now our Chicken Little president
Is spinning tales of our descent

The futures bleak he does explain
But he will save us all from pain
Of course it’s us who’ll have to pay
To make this horror go away

Everything you will hear
Is designed to make you fear
He’ll fill you with his pessimism
To smother you with socialism

Now that the libs gave him their votes
We see the scare schemes he promotes
So if you want to know what’s true
He’s Jimmy Carter number two

by armageddonoutahere


One Response to “The Tale of Chicken Little”

  1. PATRIOT Says:

    What a surprise we disagree again. I think Obama is Reagan #2. A president that is going to lead by his ideals and cross the aisle to get the peoples work done. Bush 2 was pretty much the equal of Carter.

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