Treading On The Road To Communism

Definition of Communism:
A system of social organization in which all economic and social
activity is controlled by a totalitarian state dominated by a single and self-perpetuating political party.

According to The Communist Manifesto, Communism has ten
essential planks:

* Abolition of Private Property.
* Heavy Progressive Income Tax.
* Abolition of Rights of Inheritance.
* Confiscation of Property Rights.
* Central Bank.
* Government Ownership of Communication and Transportation.
* Government Ownership of Factories and Agriculture.
* Government Control of Labor.
* Corporate Farms and Regional Planning.
* Government Control of Education.

Wake up and take a good hard look at what is happening.
The Government now has control of your mortgages, your 401Ks, Nationalizing Banks and Businesses who receive Bailout Funds. Presently the Government is planning a take over of Health Care. They are working on the ‘Fairness Doctrine’ which will help eliminate Freedom of speech.

Your children are being brainwashed and dumbed down in Government schools. Universities are over run with Socialists and anti Capitalist professors, leftover 1960s revolutionaries.

Even the Supreme Court is trashing the Constitution on which this country was founded.

It’s time to wake up and protect the few freedoms we have left. It will not be easy because we have a Socialist,Commie president, spineless Republican Representatives and Socialist Democrat leaders. But it must be done if we want to live in a free country.


2 Responses to “Treading On The Road To Communism”

  1. CountDown Says:

    So that even the “progressives” will understand; communism is at the opposite end of the political and social spectrum of capitalism. So, the less capitalist we are, the more communist we become.

    Capitalism=freedom; Communism=oppression.

    So that even the “progressives” get this; there has never been even one successful communist regime and the only aspect of socialism that has not completely oppressed their populations are those with both tiny and monolithic populations (required structure) and a good healthy dose of capitalist principles strongly interwoven into their constitutions (to continuously bail out/fund the socialist aspects of their governments).

    You can’t be both “American”, and all that our incredible presence has both contributed to and absorbed from the world, and be socialist/communist. One philosophy cannot absorb the other and still survive.

    So, for the liberal “intellects” that think we can slide to the left end of the spectrum and still maintain our greatness as a country of social diversity, strength, wealth, promise, independence and freedom, they have unwittingly allowed their ivory-tower arrogance to putrify their brains.

    The most interesting observation regarding the current US political and social dilemma is that human history is destined to repeat itself here; free people have been challenged before, and prevailed. All throughout human history freedom has eventually beat back oppression. When the revolution occurs, it will be fought, and won, by the blood of the brave capitalist-loving freedom fighters – not the oppressive socialist/communist cowards. The “progressives” will be found hiding out in their lairs (i.e. campuses) and under their beds (on the Upper West Side of Manhattan), awaiting the victory calls from those brave citizens they despise (eg. unsophisticated, gun-toting, religious, middle-class Americans).

    Then, the “progressives” will once re- emerge, claiming the victory as their own, only to continue their hateful barrage against the anti-progressives/liberals, and the cycle will repeat.

    All throughout history there have been the cowardly loud-mouthed, do-nothing failures (progressives/socialists/communists) that have lived, literally, off the backs of the freedom-loving bravehearts (conservatives, libertarians).

    We’re used to it and have accepted our fate, considered by us as our enlightenment. We earn our thanks for our sacrifices in ways that our critics will never understand – simply by being happy and FREE.

  2. Richard Walters Says:

    It is my opinion that the Republican party and the right wing base of that party is increasingly becoming no longer relevant to the circumstances, situation and conditions that exist in our 21st century world.
Many of the traditions of the past that the “right wing republican base” are attempting to pull into the 21st century are no longer popular or useful to our modern, relatively enlightened world. I am referring to the traditions of racism, unfettered capitalism, and imperialist wars of aggression.
Americans have learned and are continuing to learn from the experience of the past where their best interest is, and who represents that best interest.
Life is a learning experience and I am convinced that the Republican party being no longer relevant will no longer be seen as a major political party and will be dumped into the trash can of our dead past. The signs are there for those that can see.
A new left leaning political party will enter into the mainstream and be one of the major parties within a two party system.
The democrat party will become the new more traditional and relevant conservative party, taking the place of the no longer relevant republican party.
This new political realignment, is, in my opinion, going to happen pretty damn soon!

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