We See The Pork But Where’s The Beef

Inside The Stimulus Bill :
*$380 million to set up a rainy-day fund for a nutrition program that serves low-income women and children,
*$300 million for grants to combat violence against women
*$6 billion on university building projects
*$15 billion expansion of the Pell Grant program
*$1.2 billion to a “youth” summer jobs program
*$4 billion Federal job-training programs
*$5.2 billion for community development block grants and
“neighborhood stabilization activities,” which ACORN is eligible to apply for
*$650 million for activities related to the switch from analog to digital TV
*$50 million for the National Endowment for the Arts
*$2 billion for federal child-care block grants
*$6 billion for university building projects
*$4 billion for job-training programs,
including $1.2 billion for “youths” up to the age of 24
*$1 billion for community development block grants
*$4.2 billion for “neighborhood stabilization activities”
*$650 million for digital-TV coupons
*$90 million to educate “vulnerable populations”
*$34 million to fix up the Commerce Department
*$500 million for improvements to National Institutes of Health facilities
*$44 million for repairs at the Department of Agriculture. The Agriculture Department would also get $350 million for new computers
*$450 million for NASA, but it states that the agency must spend at least *$200 million on “climate-research missions
*$150 million for the Smithsonian
*$448 million for constructing a new Homeland Security Department
*$600 million to convert the federal auto fleet to hybrids
*$1 billion for the Census Bureau
*$89 billion in Medicaid extensions
*$36 billion in expanded unemployment benefits, this is in addition to the state-budget bailout
*$30 billion for COBRA insurance extension
*$20 billion for food stamps
*$4.5 billion addition to the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers budget
*$850 million for Amtrak, the railroad that can’t turn a profit.
*$1.7 billion for “critical deferred maintenance needs” in the National Park System
*$55 million for the preservation of historic landmarks.
*$87 million for a polar icebreaking ship— maybe global warming isn’t working fast enough.
*$7.6 billion for “rural community advancement programs”
*$150 million for agricultural-commodity purchases
*$150 million for “producers of livestock, honeybees, and farm raised fish”
*$3.5 billion for energy efficiency and conservation block grants
*$3.4 billion for the State Energy Program
*$4.5 billion to modernize the nation’s electricity grid
*$4 billion set aside for the Community Oriented Policing Service
*$79 billion for State Fiscal Stabilization Fund

This bill is the answer to the Libs’ Socialist dreams.


5 Responses to “We See The Pork But Where’s The Beef”

  1. PATRIOT Says:

    The fascist, nazi, neocon movement is officially dead and powerless!! Praise the Lord for that. It is time for progressives to move our great country forwrad. It is time for The USA to compete in the global economy. It is time for America to reclaim her mantle of greatness in the World Order. This will all be accomplished under an Obama Presidency. This stimulus bill is the beginning of the turnaround. For some strange reason the neocons think that the past 28 years of neocon leaning rule have been a success. The history of the past 28 years cannot be changed. They were a huge economic failure. As well as dragging the middle class down closer to being poor than anytime in our history. The only class that emerged the victor was the RICH.
    Progressive means progress and moving forward in a new direction. If you are poor or middle class you will prosper. If you are rich you will finally pay your fair share. DO NOT GIVE ME THAT CRAP ABOUT THE TOP 5% PAYING 50% OF THE TAXES. You seem too forget they also get 60% of the gross earnings. It is time that we get a chance to live the American dream. We have been living the American nightmare for 28 years.

  2. CountDown Says:

    Just curious, Liberal Patsy – so, who exactly do we wish to be like out there that is so much better than we are?

    Where in the world, in your opinion, is that model of higher standard of living for the middle class and the poor that we should strive to emulate or follow?

    We need names – no more faceless and factless rhetoric.

    And, where in this world order do you place America? First, last – where and why, please.

    Suggestion: while you struggle to provide some semblence of “pass the laugh test” answers (which I postulate is impossible) – do keep in mind how our little own little economic hiccup has affected the worlds’ micro and macro economies.

    Let the Jeopardy music begin…..

  3. PATRIOT Says:

    Why must we be like any other country in the world?? Where did I say we should be like any other country?? America, even under neocon rule, was still the GREATEST NATION on earth. Why can’t you knuckle dragging, neocons get that. This doesn’t mean that America must wallow in the backward neocon policies that only help the rich to get richer. The poor too stay poor and the middle class disappear.
    America will always be first in any World Order. We are the most benevolent nation in history. You must be wealthy because you like the neocon status quo. I too am successful. I would like to see others join us.

  4. CountDown Says:

    Yeah- it’s just what we thought…when you can’t answer the question, go off on another round of rhetoric – and always engage in namecalling.

    Your argument, aside from being contradictory, is empty- just like your idealogy.

  5. Congratulations everyone! You’ve been Stimulated! : NO QUARTER Says:

    […] Here’s a selection from Armageddonoutahere’s blog post We See the Pork But Where’s the Beef? […]

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