Welcome Terrorists

Dr. Paul L. Williams
Pres. Obama Invites Hamas Terrorists to America
February 7, 2009

Bob Smith and Michael Travis contributed to the writing of this article.

By executive order, President Barack Obama has ordered the expenditure of $20.3 million in migration assistance to the Palestinian refugees and conflict victims in Gaza.

The “presidential determination” which allows hundreds of thousands of Palestinians with ties to Hamas to resettle in the United States was signed on January 27 and appeared in the Federal Register on February 4.

Few on Capitol Hill took note that the order provides a free ticket replete with housing and food allowances to individuals who have displayed their overwhelming support of the Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas) in the parliamentary election of January 2006.



4 Responses to “Welcome Terrorists”


    ALLAHU AKHBAR!!! There is no other God but Allah. The Great Prophet Muhammed forsee that the whole world would one day be a world of Islam, Inshallah humdilla. Brave Mujahadeen will fight to death to justify the inevitable. November Amerika choice was to be a Nation of Islam. The lion of Islam has been seated in power by your own hand. The seeds of Islam have been sowed and now is the time for harvest, Inshallah. World domination for Sharia law will soon be here. Soon to live the pius way of Islam as told to The Great Prophet Muhammed from Allah. ALLAHU AKHBAR!!

  2. CountDown Says:

    That is a nasty cold you’ve got there, AIG. I’ve heard that cranking your oven to the ON position for at least ten minutes prior to firing up the pilot light will cure it…..


    ALLAHU AKHBAR!! Ther is no other God but ALLAH. I do not have a cold you foolish Amerikan. The only thing burning is you soul. Amerika has no moral. Filled with homosexual and other deviants. Lying, cheating, stealing, divorce and crime. This is the amerika you so defend. When Sharia become law of land you will know Allah. You will know peace and justice. Inshallah this will be true soon. Lion of Islam is ruling amerika. your time has come. be prepared to bow down to Allah or beheaded. All good thing come to those who praise Allah. ALLAHU AKHBAR!!

  4. CountDown Says:

    AIG- Re: “…I do not have a cold you foolish Amerikan…”

    Then, why do you sneeze at the beginning and end of all your ranting posts????

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