Capitalism=freedom; Communism=oppression.

The Following was entered in “comments” by “CountDown” and it is so wisely and precisely written, I feel it should be entered here as a ‘post’. Here it is:

Capitalism=freedom; Communism=oppression.

So that even the “progressives” will understand; communism is at the opposite end of the political and social spectrum of capitalism. So, the less capitalist we are, the more communist we become.

So that even the “progressives” get this; there has never been even one successful communist regime and the only aspect of socialism that has not completely oppressed their populations are those with both tiny and monolithic populations (required structure) and a good healthy dose of capitalist principles strongly interwoven into their constitutions (to continuously bail out/fund the socialist aspects of their governments).

You can’t be both “American”, and all that our incredible presence has both contributed to and absorbed from the world, and be socialist/communist. One philosophy cannot absorb the other and still survive.

So, for the liberal “intellects” that think we can slide to the left end of the spectrum and still maintain our greatness as a country of social diversity, strength, wealth, promise, independence and freedom, they have unwittingly allowed their ivory-tower arrogance to putrify their brains.

The most interesting observation regarding the current US political and social dilemma is that human history is destined to repeat itself here; free people have been challenged before, and prevailed. All throughout human history freedom has eventually beat back oppression. When the revolution occurs, it will be fought, and won, by the blood of the brave capitalist-loving freedom fighters – not the oppressive socialist/communist cowards. The “progressives” will be found hiding out in their lairs (i.e. campuses) and under their beds (on the Upper West Side of Manhattan), awaiting the victory calls from those brave citizens they despise (eg. unsophisticated, gun-toting, religious, middle-class Americans).

Then, the “progressives” will once re- emerge, claiming the victory as their own, only to continue their hateful barrage against the anti-progressives/liberals, and the cycle will repeat.

All throughout history there have been the cowardly loud-mouthed, do-nothing failures (progressives/socialists/communists) that have lived, literally, off the backs of the freedom-loving bravehearts (conservatives, libertarians).

We’re used to it and have accepted our fate, considered by us as our enlightenment. We earn our thanks for our sacrifices in ways that our critics will never understand – simply by being happy and FREE.


3 Responses to “Capitalism=freedom; Communism=oppression.”

  1. PATRIOT Says:

    HOGWASH!!!!! It is amuses me how the right wing, neocon, knuckledragging, fascist, nazi’s are soooooo quick to blame progressives for all the problems in the USA. All the while it is your failed policies over the past 28 years that have propagated the problems we see today.
    Your belief that you are the only people that Love this country. The only people to defend freedom. Well maybe your very well written rant needs to have some hardcore facts included.
    The fascist revolution began in this country with the Reagan years. Then we had Bush 1, a right wing congress during the Clinton years and the failure of BushII. The problems we have today have a direct correlation to the right wing failed policies.
    We have lost all respect in the world. Have lost many American lives, Have been attacked on our very own soil. Are slowly losing all liberties and freedoms. Do you realize how many cameras are watching you every single day??? The ATM, businesses, homes, highways, parks and city streets are filled with cameras watching our every move. This is a product of the right wings fight against crime and terrorism. But what is the reality?? Have you ever had a loved one dragged out of bed and placed under arrest on false or trumped up charges??
    Your kind sit in your lilly white ivory towers and blame everybody else for the problems your very policies created. Progessive stands for progress not communism or socialism as you stated. Progressives love our great nation more then you will ever know. Progressives stand for freedom, liberty, equality and the American Dream. Progressives believe in giving the poor a hand up. In taking care of our seniors. Making sure children have a better future than we did.
    So in closing your entire neocon rant is factless based on the false premise it is based upon. Progressives do not adhere to communist or socialist principles. Your opening line was Capitalism=freedom; Communism=oppression was the only factual line in you entire diatribe. Unfortunately you failed to connect the dots that lead to your premise that progessives long for communism or socialism. Try harder next time. My grade is an A for composition but a big ole fat F for content!! PEACE

  2. CountDown Says:

    Poor Patsy-

    Re: content; You’d best now educate yourself on Progressive/Liberal Philosophy 101. They have defined their own political and social agenda and goals, not I.

    Just out of curiosity, if your “progressive” philosophy does not seek to travel toward the far left end of the political spectrum, aka Communism which is the Socialists ideal (albeit a Utopian ideal that is impossible to truly achieve or maintain), then where on the spectrum are you placing that philosophy?

    One rule- no rewriting of history or fact is permitted (this ought to be interesting).

    Re: Dot connection: You actually raised an interesting point (rather unwittingly): when did the word “progressive” become a defining label for Socialist/Communist? Any honest reconnaissance of human history (social, cultural, political) would certainly place Capitalism, as structured within a democracy, as the most “progressive” philosophy, ever. A redefinition of this good word, from a verb to a noun, has changed its basic definition. The verb Progressive defines Capitalism, as no time in history has man been more free, humane or self-actualizing than in the time and place of America. America was and is built on the purest of capitalistic, libertarian principles. Unfortunately, today’s “progressive” in the noun form as associated with Socialist/Communist/Liberals, has been snorked by your gang and forever changed from a perfectly good verb into a rather stinky noun. Liberals are good at changing the meaning of words (and snorking the fruits of others hard work, ala Stimulus Package)- just look at all the recent examples of politically-driven (PC)word redefinitions that has caused the clamping down on all of our First Amendment rights.

    That’s Progressive, in the NOUN form, for you-

  3. PATRIOT Says:

    Once again a well written diatribe of non-factual HOGWASH!! I will educate you…once again!!
    So what the heck is “progressive”? Those called ‘progressives’ of the late 19th and early 20th century, including such figures as presidents Theodore Roosevelt and Woodrow Wilson, were renowned for checking the rise of corporate power and abuses and expanding democratic rights domestically. Later, leaders who followed the progressive line on foreign policy created an American nation that was an international leader in an economic, military, and moral sense.

    Today, progressivism is not as easily definable as the ideas of the so-called Progressive Era of TR and Wilson. Nonetheless, the progressive movement’s leaders, young and established alike, certainly have something to say about what ”progressive” means to them.

    “At its core,” John Halpin, senior advisor on the staff of the Center for American Progress writes, “progressivism is a non-ideological, pragmatic system of thought grounded in solving problems and maintaining strong values within society.” Progressivism is practical and driven by the values that define America morality and have made our country stronger and better. It’s a dynamic concept giving the leadership of an up-and-coming generation of politicos – you – the tools to make this nation’s future brighter for all.

    Sound enticing? It should be: The future of America’s progressive political landscape is in your hands.

    It’s not liberalism.

    The first key to understanding progressivism is that it’s not the same as liberalism, as many might assume. “Progressivism is an orientation towards politics,” Halpin said in an interview with Campus Progress. “It’s not a long-standing ideology like liberalism, but an historically-grounded concept … that accepts the world as dynamic.” Progressivism is not an ideology at all, but an attitude towards the world of politics that is far less black-and-white than conservatism or liberalism, breaking free from the false and divisive dichotomy of liberal vs. conservative that has dominated American politics for too long.

    Said simply (perhaps oversimplifying), American liberalism is an ideology grounded in traditionally liberal American values: individual freedom, democratic government, freedom of thought and belief, and equal opportunity. Government intervention is generally seen as the solution to society’s problem.

    Progressivism, on the other hand, is far more flexible than any one ideology. Traditionally, conservatives see the world, especially human nature, as predictable and static. Liberals are often burdened with endless optimism – a belief that all problems can be solved through implementing utopian visions (especially through government intervention).

    Progressives aren’t simply liberals; progressives see the world for what it is, accept it as ever-changing and dynamic, and choose the best course of action in line with decidedly American values.

    Maybe now you will understand the true meaning of “progessive” politics. You seem to be very educated…now you need to take off your fascist, nazi, knuckledragging, right wing blinders. There is good in all political spectrums. Not just the movement you sway towards.

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