Obama ran his campaign with the slogan “Yes We Can”

Many wondered just what that meant for the country.

Well here’s an explanation of what he meant.
Can he ruin the economy of this country, Yes He Can.
Can he put us on the road to communism, Yes He Can
Can he nationalize banks,Yes He Can
Can he nationalize your insurance coverage, Yes He Can
Can he nationalize health care, Yes He Can
Can he tell you how you may raise your children. Yes He Can
Can he have you pay for dead beats’ mortgages, Yes He Can
Can he release Guantanamo Terrorists, Yes He Can

And this is just the beginning of his “Yes We Can” presidency.


9 Responses to “YES HE CAN”

  1. PATRIOT Says:

    You forgot……..

    Fix 28 years of neocon, fascist, nazi, knuckledragging, right wing damage to our wonderful country……”YES WE CAN”

  2. PATRIOT Says:

    Hey wandernazi. Thought I should place there here also too make sure you have the facts in case you don’t look back at past posts to this right wing blog.

    Once again a well written diatribe of non-factual HOGWASH!! I will educate you…once again!!
    So what the heck is “progressive”? Those called ‘progressives’ of the late 19th and early 20th century, including such figures as presidents Theodore Roosevelt and Woodrow Wilson, were renowned for checking the rise of corporate power and abuses and expanding democratic rights domestically. Later, leaders who followed the progressive line on foreign policy created an American nation that was an international leader in an economic, military, and moral sense.

    Today, progressivism is not as easily definable as the ideas of the so-called Progressive Era of TR and Wilson. Nonetheless, the progressive movement’s leaders, young and established alike, certainly have something to say about what ”progressive” means to them.

    “At its core,” John Halpin, senior advisor on the staff of the Center for American Progress writes, “progressivism is a non-ideological, pragmatic system of thought grounded in solving problems and maintaining strong values within society.” Progressivism is practical and driven by the values that define America morality and have made our country stronger and better. It’s a dynamic concept giving the leadership of an up-and-coming generation of politicos – you – the tools to make this nation’s future brighter for all.

    Sound enticing? It should be: The future of America’s progressive political landscape is in your hands.

    It’s not liberalism.

    The first key to understanding progressivism is that it’s not the same as liberalism, as many might assume. “Progressivism is an orientation towards politics,” Halpin said in an interview with Campus Progress. “It’s not a long-standing ideology like liberalism, but an historically-grounded concept … that accepts the world as dynamic.” Progressivism is not an ideology at all, but an attitude towards the world of politics that is far less black-and-white than conservatism or liberalism, breaking free from the false and divisive dichotomy of liberal vs. conservative that has dominated American politics for too long.

    Said simply (perhaps oversimplifying), American liberalism is an ideology grounded in traditionally liberal American values: individual freedom, democratic government, freedom of thought and belief, and equal opportunity. Government intervention is generally seen as the solution to society’s problem.

    Progressivism, on the other hand, is far more flexible than any one ideology. Traditionally, conservatives see the world, especially human nature, as predictable and static. Liberals are often burdened with endless optimism – a belief that all problems can be solved through implementing utopian visions (especially through government intervention).

    Progressives aren’t simply liberals; progressives see the world for what it is, accept it as ever-changing and dynamic, and choose the best course of action in line with decidedly American values.

    Maybe now you will understand the true meaning of “progessive” politics. You seem to be very educated…now you need to take off your fascist, nazi, knuckledragging, right wing blinders. There is good in all political spectrums. Not just the movement you sway towards.

  3. CountDown Says:

    Patsy… poor, poor, Patsy:

    Not even a “nice try” for that one! Fast forward your rather “aged” summary about 100 years, and you’re at modern Progressivism. Citing a century old definition of a word is, well, gay (in the old world sense, of course).

    Since you couldn’t bring yourself to place your political bent on the spectrum, let the Progressive’s themselves do it for you (see link above), and this blog’s observers/participants. While I could have defined your philosophy for you, why not just permit your comrads to do so.

    Today’s modern American Progressive is a leftist. Leftists are liberals, Socialists and Communists; as displayed in descending order.

    Are the dots connected well enough for you now?

  4. PATRIOT Says:

    Tsk, tsk, tsk poor little wandernazi. You are so confused and lost. I cannot lead you out of the dark and into the light.

    I will attempt, once again, too simplify this as best I can. The Progressive movement is exactly what I wrote above. Some liberals may call themselves progressive but that does not mean all progressives are liberal. Just as some neocon, fascist, right wing, knuckledragging conservatives call themself a libertarian. This does not make all libertarians conservative.

    As a wandernazi you are most likely a Christian. If so your bible is a book of socialist, communist principles. If Jesus were alive today he would be a socialist.

    You really need to open your mind up to new ideas. You need to admit that there are good policies in all political spectrums. Not just the whacky people on the right.

    Are those dots becoming more clear now????????????

  5. CountDown Says:

    Yep- when you lose the battle of ideas, just resort to name-calling.

    When you can’t or won’t answer simple questions or can’t defend your indefensable platforms, resort to name-calling.

    Go to any progressive, liberal, socialist, communist blog or site, and that is all that you will see; not brave new ideas, concepts and philosophies, just name calling.

    You lose, regardless of your politics or your politicians- you lose because ultimately, you lose your freedom under your preferred philosophy-regardless of what you call it-or don’t.

    Like I said, when the time is right, we’ll bail your butts out, again, as we always do-

  6. PATRIOT Says:

    Typical of a neocon to accuse the other side of name calling. It is your kind that are continually calling everybody whom does not agree with your knuckledragging policies a commie or a socialist. This is very ironic. I also find the irony in the FACT that you continually fail to answer any questions I pose to your side. You also pick out only tidbits of my factual writings to respond to. Where is your response to the facts I laid out in regards to the Reagan years? The Bush years? The Clinton years? Jesus as a socialist? ect., ect., ect……..oh yeah thats right when you are bereft of any semblence of a defense, or answer your side resorts to name calling and telling everybody that you are the only real Americans.
    Anyway I am done trying to educate you. I will ask it again. On what basis do you believe that the right wing way is the answer after the failure of your policies for the past 28 years?? This wonderful country has NEVER been in worse shape than it is today. Why should we trust you ever again??????????

  7. CountDown Says:

    Patsy- you’ve moved onto nonsensical ramblings. There is so much crap thrown up on your wall, it is just better to burn the house down rather than try to scrape off the offending splatter.

    The next sound you hear will be the fire engines arriving at your inflamed, and smelly house of cards.

  8. PATRIOT Says:

    As Gomer Pyle used to say SURPRISE, SURPRISE, SURPRISE!!! Wow another insult in response to a very sensical question.

    After 28 years of failed right wing policies/rule. That caused ALL of todays problems. Why should the right wing ever be trusted again??

  9. CountDown Says:

    Not surprised to see the Gomer Pyle quote…

    ‘Nough said-

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