Dreams of a Socialist

Here is a sampling of Obama’s outrageous socialistic pledges:

*350,000 new government jobs…

*A new government “lending fund that represents the largest effort ever” to make the government your banker!

*A “housing plan” that further disrupts the market and puts
government in the middle of the foreclosure and refinance process the government will decide your payment and maybe even the value of your home…

*Trillions more in bailout funds for the banking industry that will further balloon the unprecedented deficit that could approach $2 trillion this year…

*Onerous regulations that give government more and more control
over the financial markets…

*A new global warming bureaucracy and carbon tax that force us to adopt inefficient “green” energy…

*”Comprehensive” health care that further burdens our broken system with more and more health care entitlements..

*A massive expansion of government education that covers children “from the day they are born” and includes a guarantee that everyone can afford higher education…

Obama using the economic crisis to push socialism.

His Chief of Staff said plainly that “you never want a serious crisis to
go to waste,” and that is precisely what Obama is doing! In his first two
years in office, federal spending as a percentage of the gross domestic
product will double–from 20 percent to nearly 40 percent.

This IS Socialism !

From the Desk of:
Steve Elliott, President, Grassfire.org Alliance


5 Responses to “Dreams of a Socialist”

  1. PATRIOT Says:

    You knuckledragging, neocon, fascist, nazi, right wing losers do nothing but complain. You never offer up solutions to the problems your very policies, over the past 28 years, have created.

  2. wander-rant Says:

    Someone is becoming obsessed…(and redundant)-

  3. CountDown Says:

    Socialism is when we ALL work for the Government.

    Capitalism is when the Government works for all of US.

    On the road to Socialism, all the current US wealth (which will be tremendously reduced under Socialism) and Power will be concentrated within the centralized Federal Government. This will lead to Tyranny and Oppression, as well as retard both Cultural and Social progression. Always has, always will.

    Today in the US, we’re at a crossroads: Socialist dogma is about to usurp the Capitalist-based economy that has accelerated America to it’s current quality of life status for its citizens and to its leadership place in the world.

    While the rest of the second and third world governments struggle to free themselves from the full spectrum of Communist-based governments and move toward Capitalism to lift their citizenry out of destitution and oppression, America is being dragged backwards into a known failed philosophy. Both internal and external enemies of enviable American Capitalism are conspiring to lift themselves up by dragging us down – this is nothing less than a politically correct form of oppression. This commonly used technique of assuming power is demonstrated at all levels of human behavior. If you are not familiar with history, at least familiarize yourself with basic human psychology.

    The only questions that remains for those of you still confused are: which side are you on and which way do you want to go?

    For many of us, this is a no-brainer.


    Allahu Akhbar!!! There is no other God but ALLAH!!! Stupid, coward amerikans die in desert for nuthing at hand of brave Mujahadeen. The desert of middle east will continue to soak up coward amerikan blood Inshallah. You speak of communism and socialism but it is ALLAH’s plan to make amerika fall to knee to praise him Inshallah. You stupid people will bow down to ALLAH or beheaded. Do not fear socialism or communism for your fate has been sealed by the Great Lion of Islam being seated in power of amerika. Wind of change is coming. Sharia will be rule of land and all will live in peaceful service to Allah. ALLAHU AKHBAR!!!

  5. CountDown Says:

    AIG raises a good point for the Pansy-Patsy crowd….

    What economic and social engine will be most able to defeat the Islamic Terrorist agenda of imposing sharia-diarrhea law, universally? Only need to observe Europe to see how well Socialism absorbed the “Great Lion’s” benevolent doctrine.

    Think of how lucky we will all be to live as “peaceful” and “progressive” as the Muslims have these past ~1500 years.

    While the American family tinkers with tried and true principles of freedom and prosperity, the insidious plotters continue to advance their offense. I wonder how far one would have to search to find links between the Islamists and the Socialist/Progressive movement in this country? AGOH needs to explore and publish those links.

    I have to go pick out my “new” cave furnishings, now (wonder what goes with “stoneage gray” and “bat guano green”?)-

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