You Gotta Have H E A R T

What am I talking about ?
I’m talking about the establishment last summer of the “Heroes Earnings Assistance and Relief Tax Act of 2008”

“HEART” which while it benefits our military, it also mandates heavy confiscation of the wealth of those
who may decide to give up their citizenship and leave the country.

Before making a decision to expatriate, citizens and long-term permanent residents should understand the full impact of the Heroes Act:

The fact that Confiscation of wealth from emigrants is, #4 on the list of Marx and Engels in their Communist Manifesto will no doubt not bother Obama.

To give the devil his due, it was under George Bushs’ administration that this act was passed.


6 Responses to “You Gotta Have H E A R T”

  1. PATRIOT Says:

    I am shocked a knuckledragging, immigrant hating neocon as yourself would not be happy about HEART…..Bush, a neocon, signed an neocon bill into law that allows the taking of wealth from immigrants. You should be happy. Im not!! Immigrants have always been the lifes blood of the American system. Without them whom would perform the menial task they perform for mininum wage?????
    It is time for the neocon to wake up and smell the coffee, picked by those filthy illegals, get with the program. I will remind you once again. YOU LOST THE DAMN ELECTION!!! NOW SHUT UP OR COME UP WITH IDEAS TO HELP AMERICA!! Just sitiing back and complaining with no plan to get us out of the trouble you got us into does not work. You have been exposed as the frauds that you are.

  2. CountDown Says:

    Is anyone else suffering increasingly disturbing visions of the “Trilogy of Terror” CHUCKIE character whenever Patsy submits these mullings and musings?

    Maybe, it’s just me.

    Anyway, if I’m not mistaken, AGOH HAS come up with a plan to help America- it is to first expose this administration as the frauds they are and then generate a groundswell “Tea Party” movement to run Obama and his “Red Brigade” out of town. Just because you don’t like the plan doesn’t make it any less of a plan.

    Regarding your gangs efforts; the witless have quite wittingly voted the fox into the henhouse. Now, you’re shocked that the flock is in flux?

    No EGGS for you!

  3. PATRIOT Says:

    It is the neocon way to practice partisan politics in order to ruin our country. They complain, call names and place labels on all opposition in order to avoid the fact that they have no clear policies to help our people. 28 years of failed neocon policies have gotten this country into the mess we are in. American people finally were able to see that the last 28 years of neocon rule have destroyed our country. That is why Obama was able to win in a landslide. He also was able to take a huge majority in the house and senate in order to move our nation forward.
    That is called a mandate. A mandate from the people to do exactly what Obama promised he would do. Nothing was hidden from the public. He stated his policies, the people voted and now his policies are becoming law. That is called progress!!

  4. CountDown Says:

    Good thing the productive people in our country are still smart enough to learn how dodge Obie’s socialist policies. It’ll be the losers that voted for the Socialist that will suffer the most- as is the case in all other authoritarian socialist regimes. You are such dopes – you’ll never get the riches of the rich -they’ve got their off-shore accounts and investments (in your favorite politicians) that will never be touched. You’ll only oppress the middle class- who, happen to be the great earners (as in taxpayers) and job creators in this nation. But, fear not, they will survive and evolve to learn how to dodge the capitalist-oppressing policies, until such are overturned by future administrations (“nature always finds a way”) and the poor will be hurt more than ever since you all decided to start this class warfare.

    When will you learn, you can’t force philanthropy and community investment- you will ALWAYS have to EARN it- no matter how much you steal, beg, rape, pillage and burn your way through the American spirit.

    Your short-lived “mandate” will turn cannibalize itself, always does.

    And if you didn’t understand the content of this post, at least notice that I wrote a lot of words without expressing any anger or profanity. Go figure!

  5. PATRIOT Says:

    Way to go Countdown. Your first post without an insult or expressed through anger. This is true dialogue. Dialogue that usually will lead to both sides coming to compromise that will help to further the cause of healing America. As opposed to partian politics that only eads to failure.

    Now I need to correct a few of your assumptions.
    #1- Liberals, Centrists and Progressives love America as much as Conservatives.
    #2-Conservatives are not the only people who pay taxes.
    #3-Liberals, centrists and progressives are not all at home collecting welfare. In fact many are the wealthy individuals that will be hit hardest by Obama’s policies.
    #4-Many of the “job creators” you speak of are supporting Obama and his policies. Google the supporters of Obama and you will be surprised to find many leaders of industry in support of his policies.
    #5- Our nation has prospered most when all sides work together for the greater good. ie:The Reagan years and The Clinton years.

    Our problems are AMERICAN problems and they require AMERICAN solutions. Not Liberal, Centrist, Progressive or Conservative solutions.
    This is dialogue. Thanks………

  6. wander-rant Says:

    Um- having watched the volley of posts between Countdown and Patriot, you’d have to surmize that Patriot is a bit delusional about those posts. It’s one thing to rewrite history after a few decades or centuries have passed and most of the witnesses are dead- it’s entirely another to rewrite it in real time-in front of a “live” audience!

    This is a perfect example of how liberals think…and act.

    Regarding those assumptions for which you’ve reset the record:

    1. Not exactly. If Liberals and Progressives (centrists are exempt) did, why do they insist that it’s “broke” and keep trying to “fix” it?

    2. Not the point. It’s how much taxes paid that seperates the two camps. This is where an efficient and effective Capitalist economy can turn into an inefficient and ineffective (oppressive) Socialist regime.

    3. Most welfare (entire span) is collected by Liberals and Progressives. Thems the stats, but don’t let the facts get in the way of your argument.

    4. Not exactly. Most of the job creators are small businesses. Just look at Wall Street these days to get a “flavor” for their support of Obie. ‘Nough said?

    5. What works for America is a government that lowers your taxes and gets out of the way of the private sector- the engine that drives this country. That is CONSERVATIVE philosophy, not Liberal or Progressive philosophy and no matter how you spin it, you can’t change that fact. Reagan was true to his philosophy. Clinton had to move from the left to the middle and compromise with the Republican congress to be able to claim any of the victories attributed to his administration.

    Our problems are with UNAmerican philosophy (i.e. Communism, Socialism) supporters trying to turn our country into China, Sweden or North Korea. To be American means something- it means being free to keep your own money and to live your own life without government interference, micromanagement or intrusion. You can’t continue to claim you love America and all that it means and still continue to want to change it into something that is the polar opposite of what it is.

    So, unfortunately, since America is comprised of all kinds of Americans, even some not enamored of her past and current greatness (i.e Liberals, Progressives), the Conservatives (look up the root meaning of the word) are committed to retaining those principles that made her great.

    But, lately, Patriot is contributing some more conservative (small “c”) dialogue and taming those wild-eyed Liberal instincts, so maybe there is some hope for continued dialogue that will lead to something concrete.

    Just remember, for you revisionists, we’re ALL watching (OO)

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