The Chosen One has been in office 66 days and
already he has changed America as we once knew it.
Banks are being nationalized, government has control
of home mortgages, a compulsory youth army is being
formed, drug testing legislation for those on unemployment
insurance and those on welfare is being enacted, private
businesses in financial trouble will be regulated by the
government as will all financial institutions including the
stock market, the death tax is back, the $400 tax break
is gone. Plans for an environmental tax are in the works.

Meanwhile George Soros has made a billion dollars since
the market crash, Geithner is keeping the $380,000 he
got for a short stint at Bear Sterns, Obama receives $500,000
advance for another book, Hillary is in Mexico blaming
America for the blood bath there.

Coincidentally all the above named are members in high
standing, of The Council on Foreign Relations.

These are just a few of the changes the Messiah has in
the works. His ultimate plan is to destroy our free society
and change it into the socialist/communist country he and
his father dreamed of.

We all have a choice. Sit back and let it happen or Wake Up
and stop it from happening.


2 Responses to “WAKE UP AMERICANS”

  1. CountDown Says:

    …Feeling the overwhelming urge to throw tea into a harbor, somewhere….

  2. wander-rant Says:

    So, who are our options for the 2010 election cycle? Maybe AGOH can list/link up the candidates for the blog readers to consider, evaluate and help support.

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