Obamas First One Hundred Days

The Obama Administration can celebrate a successful 100 days in office. Patriotic Americans can not celebrate it. Obamas success is Americas downfall into socialism/communism.

For starters let’s see what changes have occurred:

In his short time in office, the government now has control of banks and financial companies and your 401Ks too. The government and the UAW now control General Motors. The stock holders are said to get a penny on the dollarfor their stocks. The UAW will get 40% and the government will get 10% or more. The government will decide what cars you will drive, providing you keep buying American made cars. They may even decide how much you can drive.

As I write this, the administration is in the process of passing its Health Care takeover. The government will make the decisions for your health care. Now isn’t that a pleasant thought.

Cap and Trade will raise a familys’ taxes by about $4000 a year. The trillions of dollars for the stimulus package will not only burden you for the rest of your life, it will burden your children and grandchildren.

Yes, the first hundred days of Obamas administration is making the socialist/communists very happy. Capitalism is dying a fast death right before our eyes. Are true patriotic Americans celebrating Obamas first 100 days ?

When Obama says “We are remaking America” he means it. The problem is he’s making it a carbon copy of every failed communist country.


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