If you want the government to run your health care, you are sick.You are sick mentally not physically.

Take a good look at anything government oversees. Look at the Post Office which is bankrupt. Private companies such as FedEx and UPs make a good profit.

Picture yourself waiting on long lines for medical care and then waiting for some government employee to decide if you will receive the medical procedure you need. Think of the rules and stipulations that will be put in place. Think of the procedures that will be denied you according to your age .

Think of your aged parents or relatives who will be denied treatments because of their age. Also think of the obscene tax raises you and your children and grandchildren will be saddled with. The Health Care Bill includes illegal aliens and their families.

What has the government ever run that was successful ?

The government already has control of your mortgages, your 401Ks , your childrens education (actually brain washing), your life and home insurance,what kind of car you can drive, what vitamins you can take, the right to protect your home and family (gun control is next on their list).

The government even tells you how much water your toilet tank can hold, what kind of light bulbs you’ll be able to use, your right to assemble (you’re called a terrorist if you showed up at a Tea Party or if you protest the governments intrusion in your life.

Just imagine giving your Health Care to government. It really is a matter of LIFE or DEATH.

Health care decisions should be between you and your doctor not you and the government.


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