Come- on -a My House

Hidden in the ‘Cap nTrade Bill’ is a stipulation that mandates your house must pass a rigorous government inspection to insure the house is environmentally correct before you can sell it. It must pass all the government standards before it can be sold.

And you thought you owned your house.

Those days will be gone forever if the Senate passes this bill. Now is the time to contact your Senator.


One Response to “Come- on -a My House”

  1. Dixie_Glades Says:

    wow, what a surprise….the media was busy talking about michael jackson’s death, while the senate passed this load of bull under our doors. guess well be required to install those G&E envo bulbs now, o wait, doesnt the government have a stake in that company now? guess theyll bank good. dont forget those nazi shower heads that shut off after 5 minutes.
    America won’t last with these elitist degenerates in power

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