Government Health Care Bill

500 billion dollar cut for seniors in the Government Health Care Bill

Mandatory counseling sessions for seniors. If not obeyed, Medicare and Social Security benefits will end.

Counseling will include how to end your life suggestions.

Ezekial Emanuel health advisor to Obama believes in “not giving health care for elderly with Dementia or Altzheimers” or children with
Cerebral Palsy

PG 425 Lines 4-12 Govt mandates Advance Care Planning Consultations. Senior Citizens will be forced to make an “end of life plan”

Pg 425 Lines 17-19 Govt will instruct and consult regarding living wills, durable powers of atty. Mandatory!

PG 425 Lines 22-25, 426 Lines 1-3 Govt provides approved list of end of life resources, guiding you in death

Page 425, it’s there in black and white. He wants elderly people to end their lives early.

You can not keep your present health insurance. You will have to have a more costly HMO if you opt out of Government Health Care.


9 Responses to “Government Health Care Bill”

  1. CountDown Says:

    First they will come for the elderly, then the Jews, the gypsies and then us all….

  2. delilah Says:

    So, we’re going to cover illegal aliens and their families (and keep our borders open) ….and not elderly US citizens….?

    Yeah, I’ve got plenty of Hope for Change.

  3. PATRIOT Says:

    It must be very hard to be a Neo-con. Such a depressing existence. Wasting money and services on people that are in the final years of there lives is not a bad idea. The system is overloaded and the money and resources would be better used on people that have many years too live.
    If you have the choice to save a 40 year old that needs a by-pass or a 75 year old it seems pretty clear where the priority should be. I know this sounds cold and callous but I am sure that a 75 year old person would rather see the younger person given a better chance to live there life.
    1% of the nations population, the elderly, account for 30% of all health care costs. This cost only adds on short times to the elderly persons life. The President doesn’t condone letting the elderly suffer. The plan only sets out a plan that helps the elderly to the inevitable end of life. Sometimes taking a pill is better than going through wasteful surgery that only extend life a short time.
    As far as illegal aliens are concerned. You err in your premise that they are a draw on our economy. This could not be further from the truth. They are hard working members of society. That pay taxes and due to there illegaL status due not file for refunds. They spend billions upon billions of dollars in our country to live. They are doing jobs no American will perform and beacuse they work for as cheap labor they keep operating cost down. As such they keep prices down for ALL AMERICANS!! So next time you see one performing his job thank him instead of looking down on him.

  4. armageddonoutahere Says:

    Oh you Libs are all alike aren’t you ? Kill the babies.. kill the old, kill the
    handicapped. Just kill em all, all as you call them “the undesirables” Why
    you’ll probably pour the glass of water for your Mama to take her “end of life pill” You’re a Commies’ dream come true.

  5. PATRIOT Says:

    You are obviously a product of private schooling. You don’t know how to read. I am a proud African American that had to struggle through a white centric public school education. Yet I can read, listen and retain what I see and hear. Where did I or President Obama say anything about euthanasia???? Where do “we libs” condone killing babies, handicapped or undireables??? Could you be getting Freedom Loving Liberal Americans confused with your fearless neo-con leaders?? That being hate talk radio demons. Namely Rush Limbaugh or Shawn Hannitty.
    I do however note that none of the knuckledraggers on your bolg ever want to debate any of the facts I place in my brilliant writings. Almost every single time I get a reply it is filled with hate, name calling and blatant idiocy. Never has any of your kind attempted to debate the issue at hand.
    The only reason I stay around on the blog is to debunk the lunacy your kind forments and because I really do not have to work hard to win every single issue discussed.
    I feel sorry for the neo-cons. They still live in the dark ages. They are always complaining about everything and never seem to find happiness. It is ashame to waste life by being miserable. You should probably get a dictionary and read what I wrote above. The facts may awaken you to the brilliance of our Honored President.

  6. CountDown Says:

    ….laughing way too hard to get that dictionary, in which I would probably discover that:
    Shawn is actually spelled Sean;
    Hannitty is actually spelled Hannity
    Undireables is actually spelled undesirables
    Bolg is actually spelled BLOG
    Forments is actually spelled foments
    Ashame is actually TWO words (A Shame)

    This must be a case of Obonics, instead of Eubonics!

  7. PATRIOT Says:

    Dont laugh yet countdown…I doubt you can read a dictionary. These are mere typos just in case you were wondering. As to Mr. Hannity both names are spelled correct. Just not the way the racist on the radio spells it.
    Once again a knuckledragging, neo-con, nazi, racist calling the proverbial pot black!!!

  8. wander-rant Says:

    Looks like WE ALL make typos- let’s just be careful about calling bloggers stupid and other names and insults unsupported by any FACTS and stop demanding that they get dictionaries. When you open yourself up to that type of scrutiny, fault will always be found.

    Racism is in the eye of the beholder: if you’re a black racist, you’re just a “victim of the white racists oppression” – therefore, you are still a victim of racism. Hysterical circular “reasoning”.

    If your white, you’re racist – period. That wouldn’t be stereotyping or profiling, now – would it?

    And, it is this inate inability to reason fact from fiction that will always oppress our American black community – their oppression comes from within, derived from their own deeply imbedded racist hatreds. Black racism dates back beyond their arrival in the Americas to the very origins of both racism and slavery on their own continent – Africa. Black on black “racism” in the form of tribal warfare, slavery, rape and murder, all triggered by subtle differences in culture, has been going on since the beginning of time.

    Time to find another grievance to exploit – this one is getting real old.

    Better yet, why not just get off the streets, booze, junk, whoring and whining (aka government boob) and just go get an education and a job?

  9. Allan Hensel Says:

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