Let’s Be FRANK

Barney Frank in Off-the-Cuff Moment Admits “Public Option” is Best Way to Socialized Medicine – Video 7/27/09

Here is video of Rep. Barney Frank in an off-the-cuff moment admitting what we have known all along. Frank is confronted by someone as he walks to the elevator on why the Democrats are not demanding a “single-payer” Government Health Care System – in other words – total Socialized Medicine that is Government controlled. Frank said it would be “suicidal” to demand that because the votes just are not there. But he said if they can get ObamaCare passed with a “public option,” it would lead to a “single-payer” system – that’s the “best way”
according to Frank.

Frank reveals here that all the Dems talk about preserving a private sector insurance system in America is dishonest, because their intent is to move America to totally Government-controlled Health Care. The “public option” is their trojan horse to get it done.

Article and Video:


2 Responses to “Let’s Be FRANK”

  1. wander-rant Says:

    Yet, these same heroes will not be participating in our universal health plan, wonder why?

    I guess we all know the kinds of trojan horses Bunny FrankFooter likes.

  2. PATRIOT Says:

    We can only pray that we get a single payer system. Then and only then will we have Universal health care for every single person in America.

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