by armageddonoutahere

I’m warning you to be aware
He’s coming after your Health Care
It’s number one in his Marxist stack
Be prepared for this Barack Attack

After that there’s Cap and Trade
You’ll pay much for this charade
Al Gore leads this phony pack
Don’t fall for this Barack Attack

The Employee “Free Choice Act ”
Holds top place in his union pact
You better watch your back
If you go against this Barack Attack

He’ll decide what bulbs you’ll use
Saving the planet is the ruse
If these bulbs perchance should crack
You’ll be a victim of this Barack Attack

All the freedoms you hold dear
One by one will disappear
But keep the train on the track
And wait for the next Barack Attack

Don’t ask questions don’t dissent
Listen to your president
If you ‘go along’ and be his hacks
Get ready for more Barack Attacks


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