H.R. 3247, New Bill

H.R. 3247, New Bill

Rep. Brian Baird’s [D-Wash.] H.R. 3247, New Bill to establish a study in behavior.
Introduced 7/17/09
Co Sponsored by Rep Daniel Lipinski [IL-3].7/31/2009

A social and behavioral sciences research program at the Department of Energy, and for other purposes.

The Following is from an interview by Glenn Beck

REP. DANA ROHRABACHER, R-CALIF.: Well, this exemplifies something that has been happening underneath the surface. Rarely do you get someone as honest as Brian Baird and as sincere as he is, explaining the real purpose behind his bill, which is behavior modification.

Well, that is exactly what they intend and, actually, I think the word was used in the debate. They believe that people just aren’t doing the right things, because they’re not making choices that these liberal leftists want them to make, and thus, there must be something wrong with them.

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2 Responses to “H.R. 3247, New Bill”

  1. wander-rant Says:

    Probably the best argument against government intrusion into private citizens’ and corporations lives is to remind the short-sighted leftists that
    they are the keepers and overseers of these government intrusions on a TEMPORARY basis. Ask one of these ivy tower geniuses to imagine such power over life, health, death, business, environment in the hands of their arch enemy – A CONSERVATIVE, or as they prefer to label them, “DUMB RIGHT WING RELIGIOUS ZEALOT”.

    No doubt but that we’re headed for a righty swing next election cycle and probably in November 2012.

    Then, watch the left-brainiacs melt away before your very eyes. It’s actually kind of funny to see their reactions – it is as if they NEVER thought of their touted government authority ‘creep” being implemented over the long term by other idealogues!

    You need to be careful of who gets to play with the interesting new Weapons of “Masses” Destruction.


    Recently, Progressive Energy did a comprehensive survey of our power needs and consumption. I was leery at the time that this would fall into the hands of bureaucrats. Was I right.

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