A Performing Art

Expose on ACORN:

According to ACORN prostitution is a Performing Art and your taxes are helping promote it.

A ‘must see’ video that exposes what ACORN really is all about.



7 Responses to “A Performing Art”

  1. PATRIOT Says:

    This video does not expose anything about ACORN. What is does expose is how low the neo-cons will stoop to break a great organization of color. This is a clear and concise example of entrapment. This will also have no bearing on the organization as these are two women that are doing what they believe was right. Without any guidance from ACORN wahtsoever!! Wishful thinking will get you nowhere!! Show me the emails, procedure manual or policy directive from ACORN that trained these two women to offer the advice they did?? There is no evidence whatsoever that can lead to the conclusion that this was an ordinary practice at ACORN. So this is just another neo-con pipe dream that will lead to nowhere!! I am dying laughing at the amount of pain and trouble having a brilliant black man as President is causing this country.

  2. wander-rant Says:

    ACORN- that little nut didn’t fall far from its’ tree – the MIGHTY OBAMA.

    They must be related, no one throws it’s own people under the bus faster than these guys!

    Too bad-and, after all those years of fighting to get on the bus, to the front of the bus…. and then being bussed…only to have it continually roll over you.

    ACORN – the taxpayer-funded “community organizing” enterprise that supports/protects/defends white slavery and pedophilia.

    Yep- I like it.

  3. CountDown Says:

    Keep laughing, Patsy, a little bit harder so you get your virgins that much faster….

  4. PATRIOT Says:

    Get what virgins? Are you some kind of pervert? Wow a pervert and an uninformed, knuckledragging neo-con. What did you do in a past life to deserve such a severe sentence?

  5. CountDown Says:

    You know, the virgins that your suicidal terrorist brothers and ACORN sister pedophiles are peddling?

    Leftists, Socialists and Communists are the perversion peddlers.

    Or, are you preparing to rewrite this part of “progressive” history, as well?

    Can’t hear you laughing now, maybe you started dying!

  6. PATRIOT Says:

    What terrorist brothers do I have? If you are insinuating I am a Muslim you could not be more incorrect. I am a Proud Christian. As too your other, erroneous, comments I will not even attempt to answer the insane ramblings of a madman!
    When you are prepared to have a fact filled debate then answer my post. Until then I will continue to attempt to educate the uninformed on the right.

  7. CountDown Says:

    Here are your facts, Patsy- Obama is a Communist; he hates our democratic and free country and he wants to make us ALL pay for perceived sins of the past. He has Got to Go before he ruins us beyond repair or before his Muslim friends are permitted or emboldened by him to attack us again.

    There is nothing to debate with you about- you are a lost cause and not debate-worthy. Debates MUST be based in facts and you don’t know them well enough, or are you honest enough to meet the challenge. You would only resort to name calling, just like all leftists always do. No substance, just insult.

    Don’t bother to “educate” any of us or those on the right (most of us aren’t on the right) with your propoganda – go “educate” yourself, poor, lost Patsy.

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