The Obama Express Bus

Yesterday Obama caused a mighty fuss
Yesterday he threw America underneath the bus
First it was his grandma who he tossed away
Then it was his pastor who used to help him pray

Last week he tossed Poland on their anniversary
While they were celebrating their hard fought liberty
He also threw Israel right under the bus wheels
Must have been a part of some Pakistani deals

I can’t help but wonder who’s next to take the fall
He is true to no one so it’s hard to make the call
The back up at emergency rooms is getting dangerous
They’re jammed packed with the ones he’s thrown underneath the bus


7 Responses to “The Obama Express Bus”

  1. PATRIOT Says:

    Hopefully the next to “take the fall” will be the entire neo-con movement that has ruined this once great country.

  2. armageddonoutahere Says:

    Well EXpatriot you certainly run true to form. You’re the typical “Dead from the neck up” Liberal. When you can’t argue facts, you try to debase with name calling. Straight out of the Saul Alinsky playbook.
    I give you a big RED star for your effort.

  3. Wanderant Says:

    “Obie One” can only throw his buddies under the bus- you have to be close enough to him, or under his control, for him to grab n’ throw! Not so for the loyal opposition.

    Just ask his grandma, Wright, Ayers, ACORN, Jones and now sadly every soldier who is waiting for HIS MAJESTY to make a decision as they’re being slaughtered in Aghanistan.

    You may be a patriot – but, not of this country.

  4. PATRIOT Says:

    Gee Armageddonoutahere you must talking about somebody else because if you look back on my post. I NEVER initiate any name calling whatsoever. In fact I rarely respond with name calling. Yet I looked back and saw an awful lot of name calling from the neo-cons towards me. I am the lone sane voice on this blog. You should be happy Im here to educate the uneducated!! I am the ONLY person on your sad blog that actually does argue facts. Its the neo-cons whom have no facts to support their ruinous positions on every issue. You are the party of NO. The party of no ideas, no patriots and no answers!! That is why you will lose more seats in the up coming elections of 2010. Just as have you have, steadily I might add since, 1994. Enjoy your minority and voiceless status!!

  5. Wanderant Says:

    …looks like reality is setting in for the “patriot”. They always get most vicious when they’re about to die….kind of like wasps in fall…….

  6. PATRIOT Says:

    Once again you cannot answer any of my FACTS with a coherent argument. So you just go on with your vicious racist rants. You should change your name to RACISTRANT!!

  7. Wanderant Says:

    Patriot hasn’t presented any fact. Patriot is trying to rewrite blog history, as all liberals do with all history, by claiming that Patriot never engages in name-calling….this is just another one of Patriots “FACTS” as Patriot sees them. Now, we all are suppossed to waste our time reviewing our posts and responding to Patriots name-calling- as is the entirety of Patriots latest post – but, remember Patriot doesn’t engage in name calling.

    And, this is the liberal/socialist/communist strategy for all debates. Never content and context- just hyperbole and RED HERRINGS.

    The liberal mask has been removed and behind it is an even scarier image-they are now forced to look at themselves, and it isn’t pretty.

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