Death panels -plural – are already in place

Jewish World Review Sept. 22, 2009 / 4 Tishrei 5770

By Jack Kelly

Sarah Palin was wrong when she said the provision for end of life counseling in the health care reform bills pending in Congress is a first step toward government “death panels” which will decide who gets expensive medical care and who doesn’t.

The death panels — there are two of them — already have been voted into law as part of the stimulus bill Congress passed in February. President Obama has appointed members to them, and funded them to the tune of $20.6 billion.

The death panels are not, of course, called death panels. They are the Federal Coordinating Council for Comparative Effectiveness Research (hereinafter “Federal Council”), which will set policy, and the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology (hereinafter “Coordinator”), who will enforce it.

The Federal Council will perform essentially the same functions as the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE), which rations care in Britain’s National Health Care system. One member is Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel, brother of White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel. Dr. Emanuel has written that American physicians take the Hippocratic Oath (do no harm) too seriously, and that priority in health care should be given to those most useful to society, which he defined as those between the ages of 15 and 40.

“Comparative Effectiveness Research” bases approval or rejection of the treatment of patients on a formula that divides the cost per treatment by the number of years the patient is expected to live after having received the treatment. Language authorizing the Federal Council to set a cost effectiveness standard for treatment can be found on pages 73 and 74 of the final text version of the stimulus bill.

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3 Responses to “Death panels -plural – are already in place”

  1. PATRIOT Says:

    Ohhhhh nooooooo Palins Death Panels are coming to get meeeeeeeeee. Helllllllllpppppppp!!!!!
    Too bad y’all didn’t pick through all the bills signed by Bush like you do with our Great African American President. Maybe we wouldn’t be bogged down in a useless was in Iraq and wouldn’t have lost all our freedoms in the Patriot Act. Gee these are just the tip of the iceberg, There were mannnnnyyyy more. Of course the neo-cons were ok with that horribly failed presidency!!

  2. Wanderant Says:

    Wonder how the Obamaniacs will defend their Trojan Horse when they don’t have Bush to Bash?

    Let’s try an experiment: defend Obie without invoking anything Bush. Defend his policies and his idealogy as a stand alone argument, without looking backwards.

    Do you drive forward at 65 mph all the while looking in your rearview mirror?

  3. CountDown Says:

    Will we ever move away from the African distinction? Can’t recall almost all other presidents ethnic background (except that they were mostly European caucasian, but weren’t hyphenated)?

    He is about as African as his caucasian mother and his only cultural experience as provided by his caucasian grandparents. He had no African infusion (well, other than the original one) from his African side and apparently a whole lot less than many non-African kids growing up in black communities, which he didn’t.

    He is as caucasian as any similarly bent elitist liberal, like his mothers side and he is a learned socialist as was taught to him by his radical elitist Chicago buddies. He is anything BUT African – let it go already it doesn’t fit his actual profile…and, more importantly- it doesn’t make up for his tremendously and stupendously failed policies so far.

    He is another American President, simply. His greatness will be judged by history, as are all the rest, long after he, and we are gone.

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