Copenhagen Gives Obama The Finger

Chicago gets a “No” vote on First Ballot.
Poor Obama will not be able “to walk out the door and be at the Olympics”
Ever notice it’s always about HIM?

Valerie Jarrett and the rest of the ‘MOB’ will not be able to rake in the millions from the sale of their properties.

Seems like when Obama traveled around the world telling all how bad America is, they believed him.

Does this mean the whole world is racist?


3 Responses to “Copenhagen Gives Obama The Finger”

  1. PATRIOT Says:

    Hooray, hip hip hooray!! The right wing neo-cons are celebrating the defeat of the Presidents quest to bring the Olympics to the USA. How small minded must y’all be to celebrate something that is BAD for the USA. The Olympics would have brought jobs and developement to a very needy area. As well as BILLIONS from the participants and travelers coming to the USA to witness the Olympics.
    The only conclusion that can be made is that the fact that the President is an proud Black man and the neo-cons are racist is the reason for the joyous celebration. Maybe y’all can get another 50-70 thousand people to go to Washington DC again like ya did for the 9-12 fiasco. This time ya can have a lynchin!!

  2. CountDown Says:

    Seems to me that the world isn’t buying into the entitlement mindset as quickly as the guilt-ridden liberal weenies in this country.

    I guess the Obie butt-kissing has seen the end of its days. Now, let the leading and decision-making begin-then, we’ll see what Mr. Wonderful is capable of doing-or not.

  3. Wanderant Says:

    It wasn’t an American defeat- it was an Obama-Chicago corruption defeat. The Obama’s forgot to mention anything about their country when they undertook the pitch to the IOC – it was all about them, and it was they who were rejected. Hence, the “celebration”. The world just gave to our two high schoolers (on the world stage) a tough lesson- being the leader of the free world isn’t about whether or not they like (or don’t) you personally- it is about the world politics and actual leadership-stupid.

    Now, they can take their heads out of their huge behinds, get over themselves, stop waiting for anymore “gimme” entitlements and start getting to the hard work of leading this nation, and the world.

    Guess we’ll soon be hearing all about how racist this latest WORLD rejection of HIS/HER ARROGANCE is…..

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