Lies Lies Tell Me Sweet Little Lies

Will President Obama Veto Health Reform?
by Newt Gingrich

What follows is a list, in no particular order, of the contradictions between the President’s promises and the reality of Democratic health care reform. Add them up and it’s hard to see how President Obama doesn’t reject the bill Congress seems likely to send him.

Contradiction #1: From a Promise Not to Raise Taxes on the Middle Class to $2 Billion in “Penalties”

Contradiction #2: From a Promise to Reject a Bill That “Adds One Dime to the Deficit” to $239 Billion Added to the Deficit

Contradiction #3: From a Promise That “If You Like Your Current Plan You Can Keep It” to Half of Medicare Advantage Benefits Being Cut

Contradiction #4: From “If You Like Your Current Doctor You Can Keep Your Doctor” to Squeezing Doctors and Hospitals Until They Reduce Patient Access

Contradiction #5: From a Promise that No Government Bureaucrat Will Stand Between Patients and Doctors to a Medicare Commission With the Power to Deny Treatment

Contradiction #6: From a Promise to “Slow the Growth of Health Care Costs For Our Families” to a New Tax on Hearing Aids, Wheel Chairs and Breakthrough Drugs

Contradiction #7: From a Promise that Health Care Reform Will Fix the Economy to New Taxes on Small Businesses

Contradiction #8: From Insuring All Americans to Leaving 25 Million Uninsured

I could go on, but I think the point is made. The differences between what Americans have been promised from health care reform and what they are getting go beyond the usual give and take of Washington.

A Congress controlled by the President’s party is producing health care legislation that blatantly contradicts his most basic, often repeated, promises.

[Armageddonoutahere says:

Newt calls them ‘contradictions’, I call them what they are… LIES ]

For an explanation of each ‘contradiction’ the complete article is at:


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